How secure is the way of safely accessing EML files and converting them into Outlook-compatible PST files? This article describes the most appropriate method for EML to PST Conversion in 2024. In the article, you will learn a free manual approach to converting EML files to PST and a professional solution to perform the conversion from EML to PST files with just one mouse click. So, let’s begin with the top method and tools we discuss over here-

What are EML files and how it store email data

EML files are electronic emails that are widely used by individuals and enterprise users daily. Various email clients, such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook Express, eMClient, Mailbird, and Postbox, store individual email messages in EML files. An EML file contains the entire content of an email message, including the message body, subject line, sender and recipient addresses, and attachment information. EML files make it easy to manage and store email data in a consistent and accessible way.

Few User Queries about Transfer EML to PST Files

My name is Mark Bodin. Recently, I switched email clients and now have thousands of EML files from my old email client that I need to open in Outlook. That’s why I need to convert EML files to PST format for use in Outlook. What is the best and most reliable way to do this without losing email data and attachments? Are there any straightforward methods or top tools you can recommend for me to convert?

I used Windows Live Mail for years for my two email accounts, and I have thousands of emails in both accounts. Now, I need to start using MS Outlook, but I also want to transfer my emails from Windows Live Mail to Outlook; for this, I managed and extracted EML files from WLM, but now I want a quick method for importing EML files to Outlook PST files. Do you have any suggestions for me on how to do this in a secure way?

Top Reason behind Users Think Migration for EML to PST

There are multiple reasons and scenarios when a user wants to migrate or transfer multiple EML files to Outlook PST. Here are a few top reasons why user necessity to think about EML to PST Conversion-

Switching to Outlook Email Client: Lots of users switch to MS Outlook daily for their email system and to take advantage of Outlook’s advanced features and security. Converting EML files to PST is the best choice for bringing all their old emails into the Outlook environment.

Obtaining a New Computer and Needs to Transfer Emails: When you buy a new computer, you will probably get MS Office as a preinstalled package, and MS Outlook is one application in this package. To take advantage of preinstalled Outlook, users consider transferring EML files to PST for use in MS Outlook.

Avail Improved Search Experience: MS Outlook is famous for its improved search quality. Users can search emails via a word, phrase, email, subject, or line, and the same Outlook searches email messages and displays the matches. Using top software tools for converting EML files to PST, users can benefit from Outlook’s advanced capabilities to find and organize their emails more effectively.

To Avail of Enhanced Security Features: MS Outlook is equipped with advanced security features such as email encryption, password protection feature, Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Secure Login Options, Spam and Junk Mail Filters, Phishing Protection, Secure Attachments. All these security features enable users to manage emails securely, protect sensitive information from unauthorized access, and confidently communicate and store their data, knowing their emails are safeguarded against potential risks.

A Free Manual Way to Transfer EML to PST files

Transferring EML files to PST manually is a very complicated and time-consuming process. The conversion might work flawlessly for a few EML files, but if you have hundreds to thousands of EML files, it becomes a very complex procedure and may have the risk of data loss.

This free method is not recommended for companies or firms as they will likely have a large number of EML emails and cannot afford the potential risks of manual conversion. Instead, professional top EML conversion tools are advisable to guarantee a secure, efficient, and reliable EML to PST conversion process.

How to Import EML to PST Manually Using Drag and Drop in 2024

  1. Install MS Outlook and open the application
  2. Open a folder where you want to import EML files
  3. Open the Location where all EML files are available
  4. Select the EML file(s) and drag and drop them to the Outlook folder.
  5. Now you can easily access the EML files in Outlook, and organize and manage the emails in Microsoft Outlook.

Top Professional Approach to Import EML to Outlook PST in 2024

In today’s market, it is very difficult to find a reliable and cost-effective tool that meets all your requirements for EML to PST Conversion. However, eSoftTools EML to PST Converter stands out with its unique approach to solving this issue. This powerful EML 2 PST solution enables users to convert multiple EML files to Outlook PST format efficiently and securely.

Additionally, the EML to PST Conversion tool provides an individual option to export EML to MSG, EMLX, HTML, EML to Office365, EML to Gmail, and EML to IMAP account.

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Quick Steps for Top EML to PST Converter are as follows:

  • Install and Run the eSoftTools EML to PST Conversion Tool on your Windows PC.
eml to pst conversion tool
  • Click on the “Select EML Folder” button from the toolbar
  • Now select the option –
    • Select EML Folder: Choose this option, if you have multiple EML files in a folder.
    • Select EML Files: Choose this option, if you want to convert a few individual EML files.
select eml file or folder
  • Check the loaded EML files preview in the software.
eml to pst converter preview
  • Now, select the checkboxes inside the folder (from the left panel of the software) and click on the “Convert EML” button from the software toolbar.
convert eml files to pst
  • Now, choose the option “Export in PST” from the dropdown of conversion formats.
  • Provide the saving location for the new PST file and click on the “Convert” button to start EML to PST Conversion.
export eml files to pst outlook

    Congratulations! Your conversion from multiple EML files to PST Outlook has been completed successfully. Now, you can view all your EML files in Outlook and manage them according to your requirements.

    Highlighted Features of eSoftTools EML to PST Converter Software

    • The software gives multiple conversion options except for PST, such as EML to MSG, EML to EMLX, and EML to HTML file conversion.
    • Supports single and multiple EML to PST conversion facility.
    • It allows to import EML to Gmail / G-Suite, EML to Office 3655,  and EML to IMAP Server Account.
    • This EML Conversion Tool does not affect the original EML file structure and data during conversion.
    • The tool can preserve all metadata details, such as To, Bcc, Cc, Subject, Date, etc. while maintaining the original folder hierarchy and structure.
    • Smooth conversion of EML with attachments to Outlook PST file.


    In the above article, we explain, in detail, what EML files are and how they store email messages. We also discuss which email clients support EML files for storing emails. The article details a free manual approach for importing EML files to Outlook at no cost. Additionally, we describe a professional solution that ensures no data loss and enables hassle-free batch conversion from EML to PST. The professional tool, eSoftTools EML to PST Converter, is recommended for individual users, companies, and enterprise-level users.


    • Does this tool handle 10 million EML files for conversion? I have 5 years’ worth of personal email messages in EML format and want to access them through MS Outlook. Your suggestions are appreciated!

      • Thank you for the inquiry!

        Yes, our EML to PST Converter software supports an unlimited number of EML files for processing at a single time and allows conversion into PST and multiple other file formats.

        Our software always creates a Unicode PST file for maximum Outlook version support. Once you have converted the EML files to PST with our software, you can easily import the resulting PST file into any version of MS Outlook.

        I recommend downloading the software from here: https://www.esofttools.com/eml-to-pst-converter.html

        If you need any assistance, please feel free to connect with our live technicians at any time.

        Thank you.

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