Refund Policy

eSoftTools Software is the well established data recovery company which believe to provide 100% safe and secure digital software solutions to our clients worldwide from year of 2013. In case when software fails to perform their job then we guarantee to refund the cost of purchases as per below mentioned guideline.

Highly Recommendation:

We always advise to our customers to first go with FREE DEMO VERSION of the software before going to purchase software. All our software availalbe as Demo version on our official website (, So you can directly download demo version of the program and evaluate with your file.

Every computer has different configurations and setups on the market, and we always work hard to maintain the best configuration compatibility with them. If you are having trouble operating the software, the solution could be as simple as connecting with our highly trained engineers as well as through email. Our experienced and qualified support staff has a wealth of expertise and is eager to assist you whenever you require it.

Delivery of Software License

All our software installations and product activations are mentioned by the online server. All the order fulfillment is done electronically by email. These emails are sent by our authorized resellers and payment processing companies.

Firstly, check your INBOX as well as the SPAM and JUNK folders for the order fulfilment email. If you have not looked up these emails, immediately connect with our support staff.

Refund Situation:

You can file refund applicaton when DEMO version software represents a feature and the FULL version software fails to perform that feature. Before filing refund application, you must connect with our technical support staff and asks for resolution.

In some cases, our technical support team advise our customers to send their appropriate file to our labs via Email on or via secure FTP transfer. If client ask for NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) we sign it. So that our technical support engineer's can analyse your provided file and send you the proper solution.

We never revealed any sigle bit of our customer's data to anyone in any condition and keep confidential guarantee. Once our support team send resolutions to our customers, then immediatly disposed all files from our lab.

If our technical support team fails to provide resolution, then our support team approach to refund your money (excluding shipping/handling/commission/TAX) by our sales team. The refund money appears in your credit card account within 30-days of purchase.

Following conditions must be true for refund

  • If the Client has the ability to perform the operation as stated with demo version but in the Full Version that functionality does not exists.
  • If our technical support team is required to analyze and fix the issue, then the client will have to send the file to us so that we can fix the issue. If the problem does not get fixed even by analyzing the file, then the client can ask for a refund.


  • Delay in communication or in downloading.
  • Misdirect or lost eSoftTools Official Order email.
  • If mail will be marked as SPAM by the mail server or the email client application used by the client
  • Due to any reason if downloading or the activation mail is bounced by the sender or receiver mail server.
  • After purchasing and then done with the process and now you no longer have the requirement of software.
  • If the software was accidentally processed and now you are willing to remove it from your system.
  • If you have purchased the wrong product.
  • Any problem related to operating the software after purchasing.
  • If the software you purchased is not compatible to the platform you are working with.
  • If there will be any delay due to weekend process.
  • If the basic requirements are not be supported by the machine you are using and you are unable to use the software.

NOTE: Refund is not Permissible in the following case

  • If our tech. support team needs to resolve the issue by examining the file in our lab, Then we provide 100% secure FTP details where clients upload the files, and the files are directly accessed by our expert lab technicians. We also sign the NDA (Non-disclouser agreement) for user satisfaction if the user wants. But if the client refuses to send the file after signing the NDA then will not be applicable for a refund.
  • If you have activated the software or used it on your computer or laptop, and after that, you feel you do not need the software anymore, then you will not be eligible for a refund.
  • If you have activated the Personal License of the software and after that, you see that some features are not available in the Personal License, then you have to upgrade your license by contacting our support team, but you are not eligible to get a refund.
  • If the software become unsuccessful to execute the process promised and likewise any other software in the market also unable to execute the same process, then refund will not be initialized but if other software can then refund can be claimed
  • Without performing the demo version first, refund cannot be claimed
  • When file Uploading to our FTP server is fail or client unable to upload their files in case of failure in software.
  • If operation of tool is performed 30% successfully by any of our software, then also refund cannot be claimed.

Guidelines on Bundled Software and Discounted Software

  • eSoftTools offers various bundles of software with huge discounts, like 2-product bundles, 3-product bundles, 4-product bundles, 5-product bundles, and so on. The refund is not applicable to the bundled software purchased by the user. However, users have the option to contact our support team and ask for a resolution if they encounter any issues while using the software. If our support team fails to resolve the issues [as per mentioned in the above sections], we will partially refund them.
  • Any orders with a 50% discount or a discount greater than 25% cannot be cancelled.

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