Are you trying to switch between an email client and need to convert EML to MBOX format for that task? If yes, then get an easy solution to do this work from this article. Here we will talk about the smart ways to convert EML to MBOX email files. Let’s begin…

EML (electronic mail) is a file format used by email clients to store users’ emails on their computers. This file enables users to work even in offline mode to access emails.

An EML file can hold an email with all its relevant properties. It saves emails along with the message body with their header data (date, subject, from, to, bcc, etc.), text, image, hyperlink, attachments, etc.

Apart from EML there is another email saving format called MBOX. This is also a commonly used file type that many popular email apps.

Similar to EML, MBOX is also used for archiving or locally storing emails but works differently. Within an MBOX file, it is possible to store a mail folder with a large number of emails and their associated information.

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Why convert EML to MBOX?

There can be many reasons why a user would need to convert EML to MBOX, the major ones being: –

  • Switching Email Clients: – EML to MBOX file conversion helps users switch to email clients that support MBOX instead of EML.
  • Merging Emails: – An EML file can save only one email, an MBOX file on the other hand can hold multiple emails. So, with the conversion the user can import emails from multiple EML files into a single MBOX file.
  • Email Archiving: – Compared to EML, MBOX becomes a more viable option for users who want to store emails. MBOX files can hold multiple emails, plus it’s easily shareable and supported by a wide range of email apps.

Users Review

I was a user of Outlook Express 10 years ago. Recently, I used it again. I used it to retrieve some important emails in Outlook Express on my old computer. I have got those emails in some EML files and I want to store them in MBOX files. The reason is, I have a MacBook in which I am using Apple Mail and it supports importing emails from MBOX files. So please help me to import/convert EML to MBOX files.

Automated Program to Convert EML to MBOX Files Safely

EML to MBOX conversion is possible in many ways, but the easiest and safest way is to use a tool called eSoftTools EML to MBOX Converter software. This tool is specially made to export emails from EML to MBOX email files.

It is available for Windows users and works perfectly on any lower to higher version. In a single process, it will convert your single to multiple EML files to MBOX format. It will complete each conversion task without a single error or altering any data. The tool also gives users the power to directly open EML files and read data from them and many other smart options.

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How to Export EML Emails to MBOX files with EML to MBOX Converter?

Download and use eSoftTools EML to MBOX Converter software for Windows and apply the given steps for the conversion process: –

  • Start the software on your machine and press the Select EML Folder button.
  • Again, press the Select EML Folder button from the new screen and load the EML folder.
  • After selecting and entering the EML folder, click on the Next button.
  • Load EML files/folders and get an email preview from each selected file.
  • Select the required folder for conversion and click on the Convert EML to MBOX button.
  • In the next screen hit on Browse and choose the path to store the resulting MBOX files.
  • Finally, click on Convert and start the process of converting EML to MBOX email files.


EML and MBOX are both different file types that email clients use to store emails locally. Switching email clients, storing emails and others are some of the reasons why users want to convert EML to MBOX. The best way to accomplish this conversion task is to use the above method. All users can try to get the best results by using the method shown above with eSoftTools EML to MBOX Converter. Also, test all its functions with its free demo version right now.

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