For different reasons, users may require to convert EML files into MHTML file format. If you are also in that kind of situation, then you can get a solution by reading this article. Here we will show the method to convert .eml to MHTML files with instant process.

What is EML and MHTML files?

EML– It is a file format that most Windows-based email application users to store emails of users’ profiles. Emails clients like- windows live mail, and several other application uses EML file type. EML files save users emails separately with attachments.

MHTML– This file type uses for saving web pages (similar to HTML files format.) With MHTML files users can save web pages and also saves images, audio files, videos, and many more things in it. MHTML files are easily accessible with different web browsers on any Windows, Linux, Android, Mac OS-based device.

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Benefits of Converting EML to MHTML files:-

Both EML and MHTML files support separately saving email items, but users prefer to convert .eml to HTML files. Some main reasons behind this are:-

  • EML files are accessible only from its supported email application, while users can access MHTML files from any web browser and any device.
  • Editing data from MHTML files is much easier as compared to EML file format.
  • Sharing MHTML files to different devices is also easy.

For these reasons, users want to Export/save emails from EML to MHTML files. Now, check the next section of this blog to perform this conversion task with ease.

How To Convert EML to MHTML Files for Web Browsers?

Saving EML emails with attachments to MHTML files is possible by using eSoftTools EML Converter suite. With this smart approach, users can export emails with complete images, properties, etc from EML to separate MHTML in simple clicks.

This software allows converting unlimited EML files which are created from Windows Live Mail, and other supported applications.

While exporting & saving emails from EML to MHTML files, users will also get Mail filtering and naming convention features.


Steps for Converting EML to MHTML files with EML Converter tool:-

  • Download EML Converter Suite to Your Windows based machine.
EML Converter
  • From first screen click the Select EML Folder button.
  • Hit the Select EML folder button from new opening screen and click the Next button.
EML file/Folder selection
  • Load all Mail items files EML files and preview all emails with attachments.
EML emails preview
  • Make selection of required folders and click the Convert EML button from menu bar.
  • From export option section select the “Export in MHTML” option.
EML Conversion options
  • Select a location for saving output MHTML files after conversion.
Naming Convention
  • Choose a naming format and apply mail filtering option.
  • In the final step, hit the Convert button to start exporting emails from EML to MHTML files.


For accessing email of EML files from web browsers users requires to perform EML to MHTML file conversion. Applying the steps shown above, users can accomplish this conversion process with quick steps. For testing software functions, users can download and use the free demo edition of eSoftTools EML Converter now.

Note:- With demo edition, users can view EML files & Convert up to 25 EML files to MHTML files without paying any cost.


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