Email Marketing is a form of digital marketing that is as effective as other advertising strategies. A lot of marketing strategies are there in the market and Email Marketing is one of them to use by companies and reach their customers.  Email marketing is used widely to interact with the client directly in a personal bond. Through this tactic, companies send advertising posters, product launch messages, and newsletters to a list of subscribers. 

Before using this tactic, we always require a targeted email address. Sometimes, we have a list of user email addresses, and when we need to update the list with new clients, how do we get the email address? In this situation, extracting email addresses from EML files is very useful. Extracting email addresses from EML files can be done by viewing them one by one and collecting the email addresses. This technique will take a very long time, and it is also possible that some of the email addresses are missed. To accomplish this task, they need an email extractor tool from EML files that will easily and quickly extract email addresses from EML files without missing a single email address. In this blog, we will discuss how you can extract email addresses from EML files through an expert EML Email Address Extractor software.

Users Query

User Query. I started the clothing partnership with my three friends Online with a capital of 12 lakh and the first revenue generated by the business estimated revenue was 20 lakh. That was a big achievement for us. One of my friends suggested that we should grow the business through advertisement and spend the expenses on email marketing to get more profit and make our brand iconic in India. For that, we need all email addresses together in an Excel sheet to make the task crystal clear. I need to extract all the emails from the EML files to accomplish marketing purposes. I have no technical competencies at all therefore, Looking for an extractor tool to extract the email addresses.
User Query. In today’s world, people are inclined toward the digital world where they sell and purchase items or products on online platforms from home. Considering this face, online sources have also increased and become easy to access. I am running an organization and want to reach clients in my business by advertising through email marketing, but I need to extract the email addresses from the EML files. I do not know how to perform this task, henceforth,  I am searching for a method of extracting Email Addresses from EML, so let me know guys the easy solution.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a digital marketing strategy that involves promotional messages and newsletters to subscribed users to grow the business and bring the customer’s traffic and attention toward the products of the business. This tactic is very powerful like other marketing strategies. The objectives of Email Marketing are such:

  • Creating customer relationships
  • Promoting products or services
  • Bring brand awareness
  • Drive sales (increasing the promotion and advertisement)
  • Email Campaigns

Email marketing involves:

  • Sending advertisements
  • Requesting business
  • Sending targeted messages
  • Soliciting sales or donations

Advantages of Email Marketing?

There are multiple advantages of Email Marketing, this tactic is very useful for business growth objectives, and some of them are described as follows:

  • ROI(Return on Investment): Email Marketing can generate a high ROI (Return on Investment), which would provide users with high revenue on business.
  • BRAND AWARENESS:  Emailing generates brand awareness and increases customer loyalty.
  • GENERATING THE TRAFFIC: This strategy generates the traffic to website directly through an email campaign, which is very essential part of marketing. This can be achieved through email marketing strategies.
  • COMMUNICATING WITH AUDIENCE: Through this strategy, directly communicate with the audience which enables users to interact with customers personally.
  • LEAD GENERATION: Lead generation is one of the essential parts of email marketing that fulfills lead generation refers to an increment in promotion and advertisement.

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Need Email Addresses from EML files For Marketing Purposes

For conducting an Email Marketing strategy, users need to extract the email addresses from EML files or old EML files. There are 2-techniques to active the task-

  1. Through Manual collection of email addresses from EML files – Sometimes users can fulfill their need to extract email addresses through a manual process by opening EML messages one by one copying the email address and creating a list of email addresses but this process is suitable for a few EML files. Extracting email addresses from large amount of EML files (like thousand or million) are not a good choice because lots of time-consuming and email address mismatches.
  2. Obtain email addresses through automated software- eSoftTools Email Address Extractor Software is one of the most popular software for extracting email addresses from EML files. This tool easily extracts email addresses from unlimited EML files in just a few seconds. Also, the software filters the email address and creates the uniqueness of the email address.

The Best tool for email address extraction effortlessly

Here, I recommend the best and smartest tool that will help to get the email addresses from unlimited EML files and you can use them for marketing objectives.

eSoftTools EML Email Address Extractor Software has multiple options to extract email addresses from EML and EMLX files. Through the software, you can easily collect email addresses in TXT, CSV, and HTML files in a well-managed way. As per the user’s convenience, the software will provide options to extract email addresses from To, CC, BCC, Subject, or entire email messages. Extract email addresses from any specific date range of emails.

The Demo version offers a service in which users can extract email addresses from 15+ EML/ EMLX files

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How do I extract the email addresses from EML files?

  • Download the EML Email Address Extractor Software on your computer from the eSoftTools official website.
  • Install it and open the software.
  • Add the EML file source location by clicking on Select file/ folder.
  • Before going to the email extraction, the software will show you the complete preview of EML files.
  • For email extraction, Click on the toolbar option Extract Email Address.
  • Select the file format from options TXT, HTML, and CSV in which you need to extract email addresses from EML files.
  • Choose the specific field or All of the email messages from ALL, FROM, CC, BCC,  etc. 
  • Define the destination where you want to save the extracted email address file.

Features provided by EML Email Address Extractor

  • Email Filter Criteria: This tool offers the Email Filter Criteria to users. By using it, users can select the email address extraction source from ALL, BBC, CC, TO, and FROM. You can extract the addresses from any specific field.
  • Filter Email According to Date and Extract Email Address: If you want to extract email addresses from any specific date range of EML files then this option is for you to choose and save email addresses by providing the search criteria (FROM date and TO date).
  • Extract Email Addresses into Three different formats: There are Three formats offered by this tool to users in which, users can extract the email addresses into TEXT, CSV, and HTML files.
  • Select EML Folder or File: There are two separate options available for users to choose the source location of EML files. Extracting email addresses from a single EML file, the user can use the option “Select EML file” and go with that. If users want to extract email addresses from a bunch of EML files then go with the option “Select EML Folder” and provide the source of EML folders.
  • Extract Attachments from EML files: This is the additional feature provided by this amazing tool that extracts the Attachments from EML files separately with customization options.
  • Fastly Extraction: This tool is very fast in terms of Extraction, which would save the users time and effort. Extraction tasks can be performed in just a few mouse clicks.


Sometimes users have old EML file and they need to extract the email addresses from them. This can be done by viewing them one by one emails, but this is a very complicated task. If users have uncountable EML files and they want to extract millions of email addresses. In this blog, you will get the solution of how to extract email addresses from EML files with the assistance of the best eSoftTools Email Address Extractor in very simple words. I hope this blog helped you to get all the email addresses from EML file for marketing purposes.

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