How to Extract Email Addresses from Outlook PST File?

Last updated on October 14th, 2023 at 01:22 pm

Users occasionally desire to extract email addresses from Outlook PST/OST files to create contact lists for their clients. However, they are unable to perform this task as it is very complicated work to pick one-by-one email addresses from every email message. I will present the answer to the issue in this article. After reading this blog, users can resolve their Problem of extracting email addresses from Outlook files. I’ll outline below the most effective method for extracting email addresses from Outlook PST/OST files. Keep reading it for an easy solution.

Users Query

Query 1. I am Thomas, I want to extract all the email addresses from the Outlook PST/OST file to maintain a contact list for managing contacts efficiently in order to analyze the email addresses.  Does anyone know how to extract all the email addresses from Outlook OST/PST files? Please suggest a proper solution for this.

Query 2. I have transformed my email client from Outlook to Office 365 online, and I want all my subscriber’s email Addresses from Outlook Separately therefore I have decided to extract all the email addresses from the Outlook PST file. I know the copy-and-paste way of doing it but It will take a lot of time and I have millions of subscribers so this way is not for me. If you have any suggestions for me, let me know.

Why do users want to extract emails from Outlook files?

There are various reasons for extracting email addresses from Outlook data files. Factors depend from person to person differently. These are a couple of reasons described below:-

Data Migration: When users migrate from one email client to another. Outlook  Email data needs to be switched from the Outlook file to the desired email client. Extraction of email addresses is also part of the process to ensure all contacts are imported into the new system.

Backup and Recovery: To defend against data loss due to system failures, unintentional deletion, or corrupted email files, users may wish to back up their email contacts. Email addresses canextract to make recovery simpler.

Email Marketing: To establish and manage contact lists for promotions, or other communication with their customers or subscribers, companies may decide to extract email addresses from Outlook data files for lawful marketing objectives.

Contact Management: Users may want to arrange and manage their contacts independently of their email client. In order to develop better-organized contact lists that may be utilized for a variety of purposes, email address extraction is helpful for this purpose.

There are mainly two methods of extracting email addresses from Outlook PST/ OST files:-

  1. Manual method
  2. Third-party Software (Automated software)

1. Manual method

  • Open Outlook and the PST/OST file.
  • Open every single email message and copy the email addresses from each email manually into a text file or spreadsheet.
  • This approach takes a lot of time and works best with a few email addresses.

This method is for small businesses or personal use. Big recognized companies or organizations should not go through this method. This method will consume a lot of time to extract the emails from the Outlook PST/OST files. 

2. Third-party Software – An automated solution

This method is best and time-saving for big recognized companies and Organisations. Email addresses may be extract from PST/OST files using a variety of third-party software. A popular choice is eSoftTools developed- Outlook Email Address Extractor. This program efficiently provides more advanced capabilities and flexibility for getting email addresses.

Now we will be discussing the second method which is the most circulated eSoftTools- built Outlook Email Address Extractor in detail:-

eSoftTools Outlook Email Address Extractor Software is the best secure and time-saving automated solution for users. Using this Software, Users can extract all the email addresses from Outlook OST/ PST folders including Inbox, Draft, Deleted Items folder, Sent Items, Outbox, Tasks, Notes, Contacts, Calendar, and others. And save them into three types of formats including TXT, CSV, and HTML.

Through the software, users can extract email addresses in three different file formats as well as the software allows them to extract attachments from every email message. This Software is the ultimate solution for extracting email addresses from Outlook PST/OST file format.

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Some features of Outlook Email Address Extractor

  • Extract Email Addresses: – This software extracts email addresses from Outlook data PST or OST files. Extract email addresses from all Outlook mailbox items including Calendars, Inbox, Outbox, Notes, Tasks, and other items.
  • 3-Options to Save Extracted Email Addresses- The software provides three unique options for extracted email addresses to save. The options are Plane Text (*.txt), Excel CSV, and HTML files.
  • Extract Outlook attachments: – It also extracts all types of attachments from Outlook mailbox items. Users can choose the predefined file extension (.doc, .docx,.txt, .odt, .pdf, .xls, .xlsx) to extract attachments or provide their own file extension of attachment files and save on the computer.
  • Bulk and single file selection: This feature gives the user file selection options where the user can select multiple files together or add a single file at one time.
  • Preview folders and items from Outlook files: This Software Scans Outlook files and provides a preview of Mail folders and all inner data that is available in Outlook PST or OST files.
  • Extraction folder-wise: Users can choose folders with Outlook mailbox items from which they want to extract email addresses and attachments. Just choose the required folders and extract the email address/attachment from the chosen folders.
  • Mail filter options: This feature gives the option users to filter Outlook emails by date from Outlook files. Select dates of email address and extract email addresses from emails of selected dates. example(From to To)
  • Supports both Unicode/ANSI files: Outlook Email Address Extractor Software supports OST and PST files that are generat from any MS Outlook edition including 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and below editions.
  • No MS Outlook required: while using this software, users don’t need MS Outlook for Email Address extraction from Outlook files.
  • User-friendly Graphical Interface: – It comes with an easy-to-understand Graphical User Interface (GPU) that everyone can utilize without prior knowledge or without applying any higher level of technical competencies.

How to operate the Software for the Email Extraction Process

  1. Install Outlook Email Extractor Software after downloading it to your desktop.
  2. Open It and click on the select PST button.
  3. Select the option from Single file conversion and Bulk file conversion options and click on the next button.
  4. Input the PST file from which you want to extract email addresses.
  5. Click on the Scan button after adding the files.
  6. Next, you will get a preview of the PST file Mail folder, you can either select all folders or select desirable folders from the Mail preview panel for extracting email addresses.
  7. Select the file extension(HTML, CVS, TXT) in which you want to extract the email addresses of the Outlook file.
  8. Input the location where the file is to save and click on the convert button.

It will successfully extract all the emails from the folders Including Calendars, Inbox, Outbox, Task, etc. of  Outlook PST/OST files effortlessly in minutes.


Users occasionally desire to extract email addresses from Outlook PST/OST files. But they are unable to perform this task. I have provided a secured method of extraction of email addresses from Outlook PST/OST files. After going through this article users will be able to do this task in a simple way without any confusion with the help of Outlook Email Address Extractor Software. Users can download this application from the official websites eSoftTools

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