PDF is one of the most well-known file formats that users use to store documents and other data digitally. Some people in this world want to save their iCloud account’s emails in PDF files. If you are on that list then get your solution here. In this article, we will show you the exact technique to save/convert iCloud emails to PDF files.

The most acclaimed brand Apple has introduced iCloud as a cloud service. iCloud Mail is one of the applications available in the iCloud service that enables users to share emails.

Various users use the iCloud Mail service to send and receive emails daily. While transferring emails day to day, once in a while users face a situation where they need to create a backup of their emails.

Most iCloud users want to back up iCloud emails as PDF files on their computers. For many reasons, users prefer to save iCloud emails as PDF files. Reasons for this could be the PDF file’s popularity, compatibility, small size, easy management, etc.

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Why save iCloud emails to PDF files?

Saving iCloud emails to PDF files is necessary for some users for many reasons, like-

  • Archiving and Backup: – Most of the users want to save iCloud emails as PDF files to create a backup of emails. This backup helps users to secure emails and recover their deleted emails in the future.
  • Offline Access to emails: – PDF files can be accessed locally by users. There are many applications available that support this file type and allow users to read their data.
  • Sharing data of emails: – Data management and sharing are convenient with PDF files. A user can easily share PDF files that have emails.
  • Add Password protection: – For securing emails from unauthorized access users can also add password protection in PDF files. It helps in preventing unauthorized persons from accessing your important emails.

User Review

I have been using the iCloud Mail service since 2015, I have over 30,000 emails stored in my iCloud Mail account. All these emails are very important to me and I want to store them in my local drive. As a backup copy, I want to save these emails in PDF files. Is it possible, if yes please tell me how to do it easily?

Automated Method to Convert iCloud Email to PDF files

Export iCloud emails directly to PDF files using this advanced software called eSoftTools iCloud Email Backup and Migration Software. Using this smart utility, export unlimited iCloud account emails in PDF files in a single process.

Run this software on any Windows-based computer and save them securely as PDF files. Extract and save each iCloud email into separate PDF files on your PC. Download all emails in their original format with all their associated information.

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Advanced Features of iCloud Email Backup and Migration software: –

  • Backup iCloud emails: – Export iCloud emails on your local drive and save them as PDF and 8+ other file formats including- EML, EMLX, MSG, HTML, MBOX, Thunderbird and PST.
  • Migrate iCloud emails: – Simply move emails from iCloud to other web-based mail applications like- Gmail, Yahoo, Office365, and more.
  • Selective mail folder export: – Choose mail folders from iCloud mail account and export all emails from selected folders.
  • Mail filter and export by date: – apply mail filtering settings and export emails of chosen dates from iCloud account.
  • Naming resultant email files: – Convert iCloud email to PDF and provide custom name with naming convention function. (Also, available with file formats- EML, EMLX, HTML, and MSG)
  • Saving emails with all information: – Emails export from iCloud account with all associated details. Each email saves in PDF and other conversion formats with original formatting and properties.
  • Windows O/S Compatible: – Executable on all older to newer editions of windows O/S (up to- Windows 11)
  • Free Backup and Migration: – Backup and Migrate up to 20 emails from each mail folder of iCloud account free of cost using demo edition.


There are many reasons why a user needs to export iCloud emails as PDF files to their computer. This task is possible but users have to choose the right solution to get accurate results. With the above method all users can easily convert iCloud emails to PDF files. Download iCloud emails as PDF files efficiently without any problem using this advanced iCloud backup and migration tool.

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