How to Extract Attachments from Office365 accounts?

Are you hunting for a solution for Extracting the Attachments from Office 365 accounts? If yes, you are at the right article because, In this Article, We will be discussing the easiest way of extracting the Attachments from Office 365 accounts or any IMAP-based Accounts. Continue to read this Blog to obtain the best and safest solution.

What is Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 Cloud formerly known as Office 36. It is widely used by home users and corporate users. Office 365 is a cloud-based Software that provides emailing services like receiving and sending mail, calendar management, contacts management, and organizing emails with 100% of data security while email accessing and communication. Microsoft offers various subscription plans for users to avail and start using the Office365 online email system.

User Query

Query 1. I am looking for a Software that will assist me in extracting all the Attachments from Office 365 safely. I do not want to lose any attachments from my emails. If anybody knows the safest and best Software, Notify me instantly.

Query 2. I have a lot of important emails in my Office 365 Account regarding business purposes and there are a couple of vital attachments attached to the emails. I want to backup all my attachments to my laptop but I don’t know how to do this and how I initiate the extraction of attachments only from my emails. Is it possible? If yes, please provide us the steps or if any software can do this please let me know.

Experts advise

The attachment extraction is a very tedious task for any person who does not have enough knowledge about how Office365 online platform works. Attachment extraction from a single email message may be easier but when a large number of emails are present in a mailbox then it will be a more complicated task to extract one-by-one and higher risk of loss of attachments. So, as an expert, we always recommend choosing any professional solution that makes this task much easier than manual procedure.

In this blog, We introduced a professional software called “eSoftTools IMAP Attachment Extractor Software” which is specially designed for attachment extraction from every IMAP server account including Office365 accounts. Through this software, you can extract all types of attachments or any specific extension of attachments from the Office365 account.  

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Functionalities of IMAP Attachment Extractor

  • Attachment Extraction from Office 365: Users can easily extract the attachments from all mail folders including Inbox, Outbox, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, and others. You only need to authenticate your Office365 account credentials and go for the attachment extraction wizard to finalize the extraction process.
  • Attachment Extraction from IMAP Accounts: This software has a multi-functionality of attachment extraction and provides almost all IMAP servers to extract attachments in just one click. Most popular email servers like Gmail/ G-suite, HotMail, YahooMail, Office365,, WebMail accounts are fully supported by the software.
  • Extraction Folder-wise and Message-wise: Users can choose the appropriate options as extract Folder-wise attachment or extract Message-wise attachments on their local computer.
  • Predefined Extension: In this feature, users can filter the Attachments for extraction by selecting the attachment file extension. There are several options including PDF, GIF, doc, xls, HTML, cvs, rar, zip, and so on. 
  • Custom Extension: Software offers an additional option where the user can input file extension and gives the route to the software to search and extract from the email database.
  • Option to Filter Email & Extract Attachments: To avail this feature, you need to provide a date range of emails (FROM and TO) and the software will search the emails from a given date range and extract the attachments. This feature saves lots of time if users need any specific attachments from an email message.
  • Support all versions of Software: You can operate IMAP Attachment Extractor on all the window O/S Consisting of 8.1, 8, 11, 10, 8.7, XP, Vista, etc. 
  • Demo Version: eSoftTools granted the demo version of the Software to the user. Users can try Its demo. They can Extract 15 mail attachments from every Mail folder for free of cost.
  • User-Friendly Interface: A User-friendly Interface is the best thing for users, This Software has an easy-to-understand Interface. They can extract the attachments of IMAP Emails easily.

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How to Extract Attachments from Office 3645 Cloud?

  1. Firstly you need to download and install IMAP Attachment Extractor Software on your Desktop.
  2. You need to choose the Office 365 Cloud from IMAP Server. 
  3. Enter the Office 365  I’D and Password to authenticate.
  4. All the Mail folders appear in the left panel of the software.
  5. Choose the folders from the left panel which you want to extract attachments and click on the “Extract Attachment” option from the toolbar.
  6. Now, choose your options as your need from the provided wizard and proceed.
  7. Enter the location for saving resultant files on the computer.
  8. Click on Save Attachments, It will take some time and successfully save the attachments on your desktop.


Sometimes users want to extract attachments from Office 365 or other IMAP-based Email applications. Considering this issue, I have written this article in which I have provided the best way of Extracting the attachments from Office 365 with the help of IMAP Attachment Extractor Software built by eSoftTools Software. eSoftTools also provides a free trial version in which you can extract 15 attachments from every folder. You can download the Software from the official website i.e. eSoftTools.

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