Are you searching for a method to extract email addresses from emails that are available in MBOX files? If yes, then stop your search because your answer is in this article. Here we will show you the best method to Extract Email Addresses from MBOX files.

There is multiple email client that uses MBOX files for pressing emails of the user’s email profile. A single MBOX file can save a complete mail folder with any number of emails. MBOX file can each email save with all their associated information.

MBOX files save emails in their original format with header and body content. The header section contains the email addresses information. Email addresses of all fields (TO, BCC, CC, From) are available header section of emails.

Several users require to extract those email addresses from emails of MBOX files, in different scenarios.

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Why do users need to extract email addresses from MBOX files?

  • Contact Management: Extracting email addresses from emails of MBOX file can help users in building a contact list. This helps users to manage contacts for business and personal use.
  • Email Marketing: Extracted email addresses helps users with email marketing campaigns. It helps users to specify email addresses to engage with subscribers or existing clients.
  • Analyzing data: Email addresses that are extracted from MBOX files can help users in analyzing data information. For example, you can analyze the domains of the email addresses to understand their sources and filter the spammers.

Quick Solution for Email Address Extraction from MBOX files

For email address extraction from MBOX files, there are multiple available on the internet, but for best results with automation, the only solution is eSoftTools MBOX Email Attractor Extractor software.

This automatic tool will allow you to extract email addresses from a large number of MBOX files at once. With a simple process, it will extract email addresses from the headers of emails. It can extract email addresses from email header fields like- TO, BCC, CC, and From. It performs instant email address extraction, with different advanced features.

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How to extract email addresses from emails of MBOX files?

Download eSoftTools MBOX Attachment/Email Address Extractor tool and follow the steps below-mentioned steps: –

  • Install and launch MBOX Email Address Extractor on your Windows PC.
  • Click the Add File/Folder button from the first screen of the software.
  • Choose a file selection option “Select MBOX file”, “Select MBOX folder” or “Auto-load Thunderbird Profile”.
  • Add needed MBOX files into the software and press the Next button.
  • Load all data from selected MBOX files and get a preview of MBOX file emails.
  • Choose needed folders from the folder’s list & click the Extract Email Address button.
  • Select the “Extract Email Address” radio button from the extraction options.
  • Apply email filter criteria and select the email address filed- “TO, BCC, CC, From, or All”.
  • Select and use the mail filter option to extract email addresses from emails of the chosen date.
  • Finally, press the Convert button and start email address extraction from MBOX files.

Advanced features of MBOX Attachment Extractor software: –

  • Extract email addresses from emails of MBOX files and save them in TXT files.
  • Export attachments from MBOX files emails and preserve them separately.
  • Perform email address and attachment extraction from multiple MBOX files at once.
  • Different modes for adding MBOX files- “Select MBOX file”, “Select MBOX folder” and “Auto-Load Thunderbird profile”.
  • Get a preview of emails from MBOX files before email address extraction.
  • Filter and extract email addresses from the chosen email header fields (TO, BCC, CC, From, and all).
  • Extract email addresses and attachments from emails of specific dates with mail filter functions.
  • Saves resulting files containing email addresses to locations specified by users.
  • Supports MBOX files that are generated from any supported application including- Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Opera Mail, and others.
  • Software is available for working in all Windows O/S editions including- Win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and older editions.
  • The free edition of the MBOX Email Address extractor enables users to extract email addresses from 15 emails of each selected MBOX file for free.


Extracting email addresses from MBOX files is a task that many users want to perform nowadays. This process helps users in managing contacts for email marketing campaigns and many more tasks. With the automatic tool eSoftTools MBOX Email Address Extractor, we can efficiently extract email addresses from MBOX files in just a few clicks. For checking all its functions, try its demo edition now.

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