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Want to extract email addresses from the emails that are in the NSF database files of Lotus Notes? Searching for a quick method to do this job with accuracy and ease? If yes, then get the answer by reading this article. Here we will show you “How to Extract Email Addresses from NSF files?”. So, let’s start…

Lotus Notes (now known as IBM Notes & HCL Notes) is a Windows-based mail application. It enables users to handle different tasks for businesses like- emailing, calendaring, contact and management, and more. The software is often used for enterprise communication and collaboration within organizations.

Lotus Notes uses NSF (Notes Storage Facility) which is a file format that stores data of users’ profiles. NSF is the primary storage format for Lotus Notes databases, which can contain emails, contact, calendar, tasks, notes, and other types of information.

NSF files store all emails of users’ mail profiles with all linked information including- email addresses. At some times, users prefer extracting email addresses from NSF (Notes Storage Facility) files. This process can help users for various purposes in different contexts.

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Why extract email addresses from NSF Database files?

Here are a few reasons why someone might want to extract email addresses from NSF files: –

  • Data Migration or Transition: If organizations are switching from Lotus Notes to a new email platform, they might need to transfer their data, including- email addresses, to the new system. To make this transition easier, extraction of email addresses from NSF files becomes helpful for users.
  • Contact Management: Maintaining and managing contact lists can become easier by extracting email addresses from NSF files. These lists are useful for targeted communication, and keeping track of important contacts.
  • Updating Contact Lists: As time passes, contact lists may become outdated or have inaccurate information. To ensure that the information is current and accurate, organizations extract email addresses from NSF files to update their contact lists.
  • Communication: Organizations may utilize extracted email addresses to connect with their users, clients, or partners. With the extracted email addresses they can communicate by sending out newsletters, announcements, invitations, or any other forms of communication.

Automated NSF Email Address Extractor Software

If you need to extract email addresses from NSF database files, the eSoftTools NSF Email Address Extractor software is the perfect solution for you. This specialized utility is designed specifically for this task.

By simply clicking a few buttons, this tool can extract email addresses from Lotus Notes mailbox items. It can extract email addresses from both single and multiple NSF files at once, ensuring accuracy and providing users with the best results possible.

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How to Extract Email Addresses from Lotus Notes NSF files?

Download and Install eSoftTools NSF Email Address Extractor software on your Windows computer and apply the steps shown below: –

  • Launch the NSF Email Address Extractor tool on your computer.
  • Press the Select NSF button and select a file selection mode from the options: –
    • Single File Conversion: – To add a single NSF file at one time.
    • Bulk File Conversion: – for adding multiple NSF files at once.
  • Add NSF files with the chosen file selection mode and hit the Start Scanning button.
  • Load all folders and get a preview of mailbox data items from selected NSF files.
  • Choose the required folders and press the Extract Email Address button.
  • Apply these other needed settings for email address extraction: –
    • Saving Location: – Choose a location where you want to save resultant files having email addresses.
    • Saving Option: – Choose a file type for saving extracted email addresses, from the options- TXT, HTML, or CSV.
    • Email Filter criteria: – Select an email address field from the options TO, BCC, CC, From, and ALL.
    • Mail filter: – Use this option to extract email addresses from emails of a specific date range.
  • Lastly, click on Convert and start extracting email address extraction from NSF files.

Key Features of eSoftTools NSF Email Address Extractor software

  • Extract NSF Email Addresses: – from emails of NSF database files, extract all email addresses and save them to a separate file.
  • Extract NSF Attachment: – Not only email addresses but also extract attachments from Lotus Notes mailbox items with this single software.
  • Bulk Extraction: – This software extracts email addresses and attachments from single as well as multiple NSF files at one time.
  • Open/View NSF files: – Directly open NSF files into the software and read/view all lotus notes mailbox items- emails, contacts, calendar, and other items.
  • Extract from selective folders: – choose the required folder of NSF files and extract email addresses from emails of selected folders.
  • Filter Email Address fields: – Extract the email addresses of chosen email address fields by selecting an email address field from the options- TO, BCC, CC, FROM, and All.
  • Mail filtering by date: – Specify the dates of emails and extract email addresses from emails of only selected dates.
  • Saving in different formats: – Extract email addresses and save them in 3 distinct file formats – CSV, TXT, and HTML.
  • Windows compatibility: – This software for NSF Email address extraction is accessible on all editions of Windows O/s including- Win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and below edition.
  • Free demo availability: – The software’s free demo edition enables users to extract email addresses from 25 items of each chosen folder of NSF files.


Extracting email addresses from NSF files can be a crucial task, especially for migrating from IBM Lotus Notes to other email platforms or for collecting/managing email address information. The method that we have shown above will simplify the process of email address extraction by providing different customization options. For a quick analysis try the demo edition of eSoftTools NSF Email Address Extraction now.

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