Do you have embedded files in PDF documents that need to be extracted? So, in this article, we have to describe how to extract embedded files from PDF documents in a few clicks. This guide will walk you through multiple ways to effectively extract embedded files and attachments from PDF documents. So, let’s start the journey!

Overview of Embedded Files in PDF

Embedded files in a PDF document are additional files included within the PDF document itself. Users can embed any type of file according to their use, and these files can be Images, Excel Spreadsheets, Word files, Audio, Video, or even other PDFs. Embedding files to PDF creates supplementary data for the PDF file.

Sometimes, users need to save documents attached to a PDF file separately, but this task can be tricky. So, try our suggested opportunities and get hassle-free ways to save embedded files from PDF files effortlessly.

Manual Approaches to Extract Embedded Files from PDF documents

This section will guide you through extracting embedded files from PDF documents using Adobe Acrobat. Please note that Adobe Acrobat is a paid software. If you have a licensed copy of Adobe Acrobat, follow these steps to extract your files:

  • Open the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC software on your computer.
  • Open the PDF document from which you want to extract embedded files.
  • View the Embedded Files by clicking View >> Show/Hide >> Navigation Pane >> Attachments.
  • Now, choose the file and extract/save the file from PDF file in your desired location.

Following the above steps will enable you to save the embedded files from the PDF. However, it’s important to note that this method has some limitations.

Drawbacks of the Manual Approach Technique

  • Adobe Acrobat is a Paid and expensive application.
  • File extraction not possible on encrypted PDFs
  • It’s a time-consuming work. If you have multiple PDF files with multiple embedded files then it will take lots of time because the user can save one file at a time.
  • Manual embedded file extraction from PDF files increases the risk of errors, such as accidentally skipping files or saving them to the wrong location.

In short, the manual steps are only taken by paid subscribers! However, there are advanced tools available that allow file extraction from PDF documents without the need for Adobe Acrobat.

Professional Tool to Extract Embedded Files from PDF

Introducing eSoftTools PDF Attachment Extractor Software, a cutting-edge solution that simplifies embedded file extraction from PDF files and extracting attachments from PDF documents. Its user interface is very simple to use, and powerful features give file extraction on your choice of file extension. Users can also extract attachments from PDF Portfolio with the software.

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Advantages of using the software

This one tool gives multiple benefits, such as

  • Extract embedded files from PDF documents
  • Extract attachments from PDF document
  • Extract attachments from PDF Portfolio
  • Provide various options to extract any specific file extension of files from the PDF document.
  • The software displays how many embedded files/ attachments are attached to the PDF document.
  • Bulk PDF file processing and extraction of files from PDFs.

How to Extract Embedded files from PDF files

Extracting embedded files from PDF files is a straightforward process with our professional PDF Attachment Extractor tool. Follow these simple steps to accomplish file extraction from PDFs:

  • Download and Install eSoftTools PDF Attachment Extractor software on your computer.
  • Choose the option “Extract PDF Document Attachments” and click on “NEXT” button.
PDF Attachment Extractor Tool
  • Select the PDF file or folder if you have multiple PDF files and need to extract files from all PDF documents. After that click on “NEXT” button.
Select PDF File or Folder
  • Choose the best suitable option for attachment extraction from the given multiple options.
Extract PDF Attachment
  • Click on the “SAVE” button and provide the location for the output file and click on the below Save  button.
extract embedded files from PDF documents

The software will take few seconds and extract embedded files and attachments from PDF documents.


The above article describes how to extract embedded files from PDF documents using the best manual approach and through automated software, eSoftTools PDF Attachment Extractor Software. We describe the benefits of the professional solution and how they extract embedded files and attachments from PDF files and PDF portfolios.


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