For a number of reasons, users may require to extract pages from a PDF document to separate pdf files. If you are also facing the same situation, your answer you can get here. Start reading this article, to know How to Split PDF Documents into Separate Pages?

PDF is the file type that users are using for preserving important documents digitally. Large enterprises, as well as individuals, are using PDF files for saving their data digitally. Several users prefer saving and managing different data in a single PDF file.

But by saving a large amount of data to a single file, users face several issuers. Sometimes users also require to extract pages or split PDF into individual pages to solve their problem.

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We have mentioned some of the real users’ queries, for a brief overview of those situations.

Users Query

User 1:- I have created a PDF file to preserve reports of my daily work. In this single file, I have 300+ pages inside this single PDF file and its size are now is now creating problems for me. I want to send this file to my boss but I have a poor internet connection. Sending pages of my PDF files one by one is the only available solution for me. Can anyone help me to split PDF to separate pages?

User 2:- In a PDF file, I have saved all of my school and college mark sheets. Each page of my PDF files contains a different mark sheet. I want to extract my marksheets and save them to separate pages PDF files. Is there any solution available split a pdf file into individual pages?

Advanced Solution to Split PDF Documents into Separate Pages

Several tools and applications are available in the market for editing PDF files. But in all of them, the best utility that will help you split PDF documents into separate pages is eSoftTools PDF Splitter Software.

Using this utility users can split PDF pages with multiple advanced options. On any windows-based machine, users can access this tool. It split pages from multiple PDF files at one time. In addition, splitting PDF files with accuracy and ease provides more advanced features to its users.

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How to Split a PDF file Into Individual Pages with PDF Split software?

Download and Install eSoftTools PDF Split Software on your computer and follow the below-given steps to split PDF by pages: –

  • Launch PDF Splitter tool, select the “Split PDF File” option from the first screen, and hit on Next.
  • Choose an option for adding PDF files for the split process into the software.
    • Select PDF File: – One by one import PDF files from different locations.
    • Select PDF Folder: – Choose a complete (having multiple files) and import them in one single process.
  • Import your needed PDF files by selecting a file section option, then hit the Next button.
  • Choose an option to Split PDF file option from the next opened screen: –
    • Split by page: – Extract all pages from PDF files and save them in individual PDF files.
    • Split any specific page: – Input the number of pages and split from PDF file.
    • Split by Page Range: – Select a page range and split selected pages from PDF.
    • Split by Even Pages: – Pages of even numbers (like- 2, 4, 6, 8, 10) split from PDF
    • Split by Odd Pages: – Odd number pages (like- 1, 3, 5, 7, 9) split from PDF files.
  • With splitting options (Split by Page Range, Split by Even Pages, & Split by Odd Pages), select and apply other required options, like: –
    • Split in Single PDF: – Save all extracted pages to a single PDF file after breaking.
    • Split in Separate PDF: – Preserve each selected page in an individual PDF file.
  • Users can also select the option “Skip or remove attachments from output file” to split PDF files without attachments.
  • Click on “Save” and choose the location where you want to save the resultant files.
  • Finally, press Save button and start splitting PDF files into separate pages.

Advanced Features of PDF Splitter Software

  • Extract pages from PDF and split PDF by pages with different advanced options.
  • Provide the facility to Split PDF pages with as well as without attachments.
  • Avails users to import PDF files one by one from different locations for the splitting process.
  • Also, offers to add a folder containing multiple PDF and add them in one process.
  • Supports splitting PDF files of any size without showing any size restrictions problem.
  • Split PDF files without changing or deleting a single bit of information from source files.
  • Perform PDF splitting process without adobe acrobat or any other application requirement.
  • Has an attractive and clean interface that is easily operable by both novice and technical users.
  • Workable on all editions of windows O/s including- win11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.


A lot of users are using PDF for saving important documents and in various situations require to split PDF files. We have specially written this blog post, for users to provide them with an instant solution to split PDF by pages. Simply follow the steps shown above and resolve your query “How to Split PDF Documents into Separate Pages”. Also, try the PDF splitter with its demo edition to split PDF for free.

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