The solution to making a large PDF portfolio smaller by size is removing its inner/embedded files. If you are a user who wants to perform the same task, this article is your helper. Here we will describe the technique, of how to delete/remove file from PDF Portfolio. Let’s start…

PDF is a file format that users use for storing their important documents digitally. Also, PDF is the most reliable file type for sharing data from one location and device to another. There are countless numbers of users, who use PDF files nowadays for different works.

For creating, managing, and editing PDF files there are different applications in the market. In addition to PDF files PDF creator tools like- Adobe acrobat also offers users to create and generate PDF portfolios. These are the PDF files that contain different attachments and embedded files inside.

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Why Remove files from PDF Portfolio?

Users use PDF portfolios and preserve multiple files inside them like- images, videos, zip archives, etc. In some cases, these embedded files increase the size of PDF portfolio. In that situation, users become unable to manage PDF files on their local drive.

So, to reduce the size or make PDF portfolio smaller by size users need to delete embedded files of PDF portfolio. But some users have no knowledge of removing files from PDF portfolios, and because of this reason, they are searching for an answer.

Instant Solution to Remove files from PDF Portfolio in Bulk

The method that will provide you with the best results in removing attachments from multiple PDF portfolios at one time is eSoftTools PDF Portfolio Remover software.

It will assist users to delete unwanted attachments & reduce the size of PDF portfolio. With ease, it removes all types as well as a specific type file from PDF portfolio. The software provides multiple advanced features to users for deleting attachments from PDF portfolios and saving PDF files separately.

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How to Use PDF Portfolio Remover Tool to Remove file from PDF Portfolio?

Download and Install PDF Portfolio Remover tool on your computer and follow the below-given steps to remove files from Portfolio: –

  • Launch PDF Portfolio Remover software on your windows-based computer.
  • Click the “Remove files from PDF Portfolio” radio button then hit on Next.
  • Choose a file selection option from the next opened window: –
    • Select PDF File: – Add PDF portfolios into the software one by one.
    • Select PDF Folder: -Add pdf portfolio files of a complete folder at one time.
  • Import PDF Portfolio files into the software from its location and again click on Next.
  • Next, choose the “file remove option” from provided options: –
    • Remove All files from PDF Portfolio: – From all selected PDF portfolios delete all embedded files.
    • Remove all files from PDF portfolio & Save: – Delete all files from PDF portfolio and save copies of deleted files separately.
    • Delete Specific file extension from PDF Portfolio: – Input extension of the file type to remove file of specific file type from PDF Portfolio.
  • Choose the required option and select a location for saving the resultant PDF files.
  • In the last step, click on Save and start removing files from PDF portfolio files.

PDF Portfolio Remover/Extractor Tool – Advanced Features

  • In a single process remove attached files from multiple PDF portfolios.
  • Remove files as well as extract embedded files from PDF portfolio.
  • Extract or remove files of specific extensions from select PDF files.
  • Save the extracted files or resultant files to the desired location on your local drive.
  • Supports working on all editions of Windows to remove files of PDF portfolio (up to windows 11).
  • Comes with a demo edition facility to remove files from PDF portfolios for free. (Free PDF Portfolio remover demo edition will allow you to remove 1 attachment/file from every PDF portfolio for free.


There are a lot of users who is searching for a reliable way to remove internally linked files of PDF portfolio. An instant technique to do this job with the smart process we have shown through this article. Now follow the method shown above and extract/remove embedded files of PDF portfolio with ease.

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