Want to know the process to Extract embedded files of PDF portfolio? Then get your answer by simply reading this article. Through this article, we will show you “How to Extract files from PDF Portfolio in batch mode?”. Continue reading….

PDF portfolio is the one function users get the PDF creator tools like- Adobe acrobat. Using this function users can create a PDF portfolio file for preserving different files inside PDFs.

A PDF portfolio supports saving different types of files in it. This works similarly to normal PDF documents (containing attachments).

Inside a PDF portfolio users can easily input and save files like- Excel Spreadsheets, Zip archives, PowerPoint presentations, other attached PDF documents, and several more things.

But at a time, users come into a scenario where they require to save these inner/embedded files of PDF portfolios separately.

In that kind of situation, users need to export and save the inner files of PDF Portfolio to separate folders.

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Users Query

User 1: – “I am working from home, and my boss has sent me a PDF portfolio file containing several important files and documents. But I don’t have adobe acrobat on my computer. I want to solution to move these embedded files of PDF portfolio to a separate folder in my local drive. Is it possible to extract files from PDF portfolio to separate folders. Please provide me solution”.

User 2: – “A year ago, I have created a PDF portfolio files with a third-party tool (not adobe acrobat). Mistakenly I have deleted all the files that I have copied in PDF portfolio from drive. Now I have only this PDF portfolio file from which I can get my lost data. Can anyone help me export my embedded data that I have saved in PDF portfolio files.

Automated Solution to Extract files from PDF Portfolio in Bulk

A special program to perform the file extraction task from PDF Portfolio is eSoftTools PDF Portfolio Extractor Software. This is one of the best tools that allows you to safely export embedded files from PDF portfolios.

It can export all attached files from multiple PDF portfolio files to separate folders at one time. It extracts all types of inner files including- doc, xlsx, csv, pst, eml, zip, or other extensions with no errors and saves them to the user’s designated location.

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How to Extract files from PDF Portfolio files with PDF Portfolio Extractor tool?

Download and try the eSoftTools PDF Portfolio Extractor and perform its installation on your windows machine, and follow the next steps shown below: –

  • Launch PDF Portfolio Extractor tool on your machine.
  • Firstly, choose the option “Extract files from PDF portfolio” & click on “Next”.
  • Choose an option for PDF Portfolio file import process from these options: –
    • Select PDF File: – Select/ add single PDF files one by one into the software.
    • Select PDF Folder: – Add a complete folder containing several PDF files at one time.
  • Add PDF Portfolio files into the software and press the Next button.
  • Load PDF files then chose an extract option from the mentioned options: –
    • Extract All files from PDF Portfolio: – Using this option extract attachments of all types and save them easily by selecting these options: –
      • Save to Single Folder: – Extract all files from the selected PDF & save them to a single folder
      • Save to Separate Folder by PDF file Name: – Create a separate folder with a PDF file name and save files of separate PDFs individually.
      • PDF Portfolio Files save Folder-Wise: – Create a separate folder for each selected PDF folder and sub-folder and save the extracted attachments of PDF files folder-wise.
    • Extract any specific file extension from the PDF portfolio: – Input a specific extension and extract the files of only specified file types from PDF portfolio files.
  • Lastly, choose a location to preserve extracted files and click on “Save”.

Now through the help of the software, start the process of extracting files from all selected PDF portfolios at one time.

Unique features of eSoftTools PDF Portfolio extractor software

  • Extract embedded or attached files of PDF portfolios with a simple process.
  • Extract files from single as well as multiple PDF portfolio files in one single process.
  • Also, it supports removing attached files from PDF portfolios to reduce file size.
  • Saves the extracted files of PDF portfolio to the user’s designated location.
  • Provides a separate option to input file extensions to extract & remove files of specific extensions from the PDF portfolio.
  • Works with no errors on all new to older editions of windows O/S including- Win11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.
  • Offers demo edition to all users to perform the PDF portfolio extraction or removal process free of change. Without paying money users can extract/remove 1 attachment from each selected PDF through the free PDF portfolio demo edition.


Nowadays, many users are creating PDF portfolio files for several reasons. While saving files in PDF portfolios, in some cases users will also need to extract embedded files from PDF. For the user who facing this situation, we have written this article. Now, simply use the solution and follow the method shown above to extract files from PDF portfolio with ease.

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