Are you a user who wants to remove attachments from PDF files for reducing their size? If yes, then get your solution by reading this blog post. Here we will show you the best solution for your query “How to delete & remove attachments from PDF files?”.

Users are using PDF files as a primary medium for preserving their documents digitally. Also, while saving documents in PDF files, users will get the ability to preserve attachments inside PDFs.

But sometimes these attachments make the PDF files larger by size. A heavier-sized PDF document is less convenient to share and access data.

Due to this reason, users need to decrease the size of PDF documents by removing unnecessary attachments from PDF files.

Removing attachments from a single PDF file is simple, but in case if users have numerous PDF files for removing attachments, in that case, users face several difficulties.

Now let’s check the best solution that will help users to get the best results in that situation.

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Quick Solution to Delete/Remove Attachments from PDF files

In case, if users have PDF files in bulk to remove attachments, for that case the best solution is eSoftTools PDF Attachment Remover Software. This tool is separately made for extracting and removing attachments of PDF documents.

Using this tool, by applying simple steps users can remove all or specific types of attachments from PDF documents. By removing attachments this software easily makes the PDF smaller by size and provides instant results.

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How to Delete/Remove Attachments from PDF with PDF Attachment Remover?

Download the eSoftTools PDF Attachment Remover tool, and perform its installation on your machine. Then apply the steps given below: –

  • Launch the PDF Attachments Extractor Software to your computer.
  • Firstly, choose the “Remove PDF Document Attachments” option and click on Next.
  • From the next opened screen, choose a file selection option to import PDF files.
    • Select PDF File: – Add a single PDF file for removing attachments.
    • Select PDF Folder: – Add a complete folder containing multiple PDF files.
  • After adding PDF files to the software click the Next button.
  • Next, choose a needed attachment removing method from the new screen.
    • Remove all attachments from PDF documents: – Delete all kinds of attachments from selected PDF files.
    • Remove all attachments from PDF and Save Attachments: – Delete all attachments from PDF and preserve the copy of deleted attachments in a separate folder.
    • Any specific attachment Remove from PDF: – Enter the attachment extension and remove the attachments of specified extension from PDF document.
  • Click the Save button to select a location for saving PDF files after removing attachments.
  • Finally, press the Save button and start the process of removing attachments from PDF documents.

Advanced Features of PDF Attachments Remover Software –

  • Remove attachments from single as well as multiple PDF files at one time.
  • Able to Remove all types of specific type attachments from PDF documents.
  • Delete attachments from PDF files & save deleted attachments to separate folders.
  • Also, offers to extract attachments from PDF documents and save them to separate folders.
  • Remove PDF Attachments and save the resulting files to a location defined by users.
  • Works in all windows O/S editions – Win11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, & below versions.
  • Free demo available to extract/remove 1 attachment from each select PDF file without any charges.


Because of the large attachments inside PDF documents, users face the PDF file size increasing problem. To solve this problem users requires to remove attachments from their PDF files. For helping users who is in this situation, we have written this blog post. Now follow the method shown above and start removing attachments from PDF files with ease.

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