Many users use Lotus Notes for emailing and performing several more tasks. Lotus Notes also assists users in preserving attachments inside emails, contacts, calendars & other stuff. But at a time, users need to Extract/export attachments from Lotus Notes Database because of several reasons. If you also want to do the same task, then continue reading this article.

There is a huge number of users who are using Lotus Notes mail client for emailing, contact & calendar managing, and doing many more tasks. Like other desktop-based email clients, Lotus Notes users also get the ability to preserve their profile data locally.

To preserve users’ profile data or mailbox Lotus Notes uses NSF database files. The NSF file type of Lotus Notes is able to save users’ emails, contacts, calendars, and other elements with complete information.

Additionally, lotus notes provide the facility to link attachments inside Lotus Notes mailbox items (emails, contacts, calendars, etc.).

But in several cases, users require to extract attachments from their Lotus Notes mailbox.

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Reasons to Export Attachments from Lotus Notes Database

  • Lotus Notes takes a lot of time to access and open an attachment. Users first need to open Lotus Notes, then they need to open the item that has the attachment. After getting the attachments, they can access the attachment.
  • Lotus Notes is not able to directly open users’ attachments. To access attachments, Lotus Notes asks users to choose a different application.
  • Saving attachments to separate folders is more convenient in comparison to saving attachment items Lotus Notes database.
  • Also, attachments make the NSF database files larger by size. This size Increasing problem sometimes makes corruption errors in NSF files and users become unable to access attachments.

Because of these reasons users require to export attachments from Lotus Notes database/NSF files to separate folders.

Best Solution to Export Attachments from Lotus Notes NSF files

From NSF database files quickly extract attachments of emails, contacts, calendars, and other Lotus Notes Mailbox items through the program called eSoftTools NSF Attachment Extractor Software.

This software allows users to extract multiple attachments from single as well as multiple NSF files at one time. It supports extracting attachments from NSF files of all Lotus Notes editions.

The software provides a preview of all Lotus Notes mailbox items & enables users to choose needed folders from NSF files to extract attachments from items of selected folders. Not only this but also there are several smarter functions inside the software to easily extract attachments.

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How to Export Attachments from Notes NSF files with NSF Attachments Extractor?

Download & install eSoftTools NSF Attachment Extractor Software on your computer and follow the steps given below: –

  • Launch NSF Attachment Extractor Software and firstly click the Select NSF button.
  • Choose a file selection option from the options: “Single File” or “Bulk File Selection”.
  • After selecting the file selection option click on Next button then select/import NSF files.
  • Import required NSF files & click Start Scanning button to load all NSF file inner data.
  • Get a preview of all Lotus Notes mailbox items from NSF file & select the needed folders.
  • Choose the required folder from NSF files, then click the Extract Attachments button.
  • From the next opened screen, choose an attachment extract/saving option: –
    • Extract Attachment Folder-Wise: – Create a copy of the selected NSF file’s inner folders/sub-folders and save the extracted attachments of items of specified folders
    • Extract Attachment Message-Wise: – Create an individual folder for each item of the selected folder for saving extracted attachments.
  • After this, make use of other required settings and apply needed options, like: –
    • Filter Attachment Extension: – select and enter the extension of the attachment that you want to extract from NSF files.
      • Predefined Extension: – Select file extension of attachments from the predefined list.
      • Custom Input Extension: – Input the extension of the attachment that you need to extract from NSF files.
    • Mail Filter: – Select “from” and “to” date and extract attachments from emails of specified dates.
    • Saving location: – Select a location where your want to save the extracted attachments.
  • Apply all needed settings, & click on Convert to start extracting attachments from Notes NSF files.

Prominent Features of NSF Attachments Extractor Software: –

  • Extract attachments and emails address from NSF files database and save them to separate folders.
  • Export attachments from single as well as multiple NSF files in a single process.
  • Provides preview of all Lotus Notes mailbox items from NSF file before the attachments extraction process.
  • Allows users to extract attachments from items of specific folders of NSF files.
  • Provides mail filter option to extract attachments from emails of specific dates.
  • Enable users to choose their desired location from their local drive to preserve extracted attachments.
  • The software also comes with a demo edition facility to extract attachments (up to 15) free of cost.


Users will need to extract attachments from Lotus Notes NSF file items for many reasons. But to do this job with ease and security users must use the utility that is specially made for nsf attachment extraction. Use the software and follow the method shown above to quickly extract attachments from Lotus Notes database NSF files.

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