Are you searching for a method to extract attachments from emails of IMAP accounts? For users who want to do this job, this blog post is their answer. In this write-up, we will show you “How to Extract attachments from IMAP account emails”.

Web-based mail applications work on IMAP protocol (internet mail access protocol). This enables users to access their emails without downloading them locally. Gmail, Office365,, Yahoomail, & Roundcube are some of the most well-known webmail apps that are using IMAP protocol.

On cloud or web servers, IMAP-based mail applications save all user’s email profile data. (including- emails, contact calendar, and their associated attachments).

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In several conditions, users require to extract from their IMAP account emails.

Users Query

I am using my Gmail account for a very long time. Now in my mailbox, I have 10000+ emails. Some of those emails also have linked attachments. I want to extract and download all those attachments to my local drive. I want to know if is it possible to accomplish this attachment extraction job.

Solution to Extract Attachments from IMAP Account Email

A smart solution to extract IMAP email attachments is eSoftTools IMAP Attachment Extractor software. This tool is separately created to extract/download attachments from an IMAP account. It can smoothly extract attachments from IMAP emails, contacts, calendars, and other items.

Within a single process, it can extract attachments from several IMAP account emails. Also, inside the software users also get several smarter functions like- Folder wise extraction, specific file type extraction, mail filter, and more.

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How to use IMAP attachment extractor tool to extract IMAP email attachments?

Download IMAP Attachment Extractor Software for windows and install it on your machine. After installation, perform the steps shown below: –

  • Launch the software and choose IMAP mail app from the available options.
  • Input IMAP account email address, password, port, and hostname.
  • Enter all details, click on Login and load all IMAP account mail folders.
  • Make a selection of required folders and choose other needed options: –
    • Attachment extract options: – Choose any one of the following options for saving extracted attachments.
      • Extract Attachments folder-wise: – download attachments and save them folder-wise.
      • Extract Attachment message-wise: – Create each folder for saving attachments of each IMAP item.
    • Filtering Attachment Extensions: – Extract attachments of specific file extensions by using any one of these options.
      • Predefined File Extension: – From a list of multiple file types, choose and extract attachments of your required file type.
      • Custom File Extension: – Input extensions of a file type that you want to extract from IMAP emails (single or multiple).
    • Mail Filtering: – select a “from” and “to” date of emails and extract attachments from emails of the specified date range.
    • Saving & setting option: – Choose a location where you want to save the extracted attachments.
  • After applying all required selections and settings, click on “Save Attachments” and start extracting attachments from IMAP account emails.

Key Features of eSoftTools IMAP Attachments Extractor Software –

  • Smoothly extract attachments from IMAP emails, contact, calendar, and other items.
  • Extract attachments from items of specific/selective folders (single or multiple).
  • Assists users in saving extracted attachments “Folder Wise” and “Message Wise”.
  • Extract attachments of specific file types from IMAP emails with extension filtering.
  • Use the mail filtering option and chose emails of a specific date range for attachment extraction.
  • Manually choose a location from your local drive to save extracted attachments.
  • Supports all IMAP-based mail applications for attachments extraction including- Gmail, Yahoomail, Webmail, Office365, and more.
  • Has a clear and interactive graphical Interface for easily performing the attachment extraction process.
  • Works on all editions of windows O/S including- 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.
  • Comes with a demo edition facility that enables users to extract up to 20 attachments from items of each selected folder for free.


For different reasons, users will need to extract attachments from IMAP account emails. In this blog, we have shown the best solution which will provide the accurate result in performing this extraction process. Follow the above-mentioned method and start extracting attachments from IMAP emails with the IMAP attachments extractor.

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