Are you one of the users who want to extract attachments from the emails that are available in the iCloud account? Want to do this task with less effort? If yes, then get the best answer through this blog post. Here we will show you How to download/extract email attachments from iCloud mail with a simple process. Let’s start…

There are many users who use Apple iCloud mail service to perform general emailing tasks. People share several emails with attachments from their iCloud accounts on a daily basis.

iCloud email attachments refer to any files that are sent or received with emails through the iCloud Mail service. These files can be documents, images, or other types of data.

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Why extract attachments from iCloud emails?

Extracting iCloud email attachments can be beneficial in several conditions: –

  • Saving Files separately: Extracting attachments allows you to access and save files locally on your computer. This is especially useful if you need to access those attachments outside the iCloud Mail environment.
  • Easy File Sharing: Users can easily share attachments after extraction. It enables users to share the files with persons who don’t have access to their iCloud Mail account.
  • Backup: By extracting and saving attachments, you can create a backup of attachments. This ensures that you have a separate copy of the attachments for making recovery in case of accidental deletion, or data loss issues.

Best Solution to Download iCloud Email Attachments

The solution that is specially designed to help users to extract attachments from iCloud emails is eSoftTools iCloud Attachment Extractor software. All users can use it on their Windows computer to extract and save them to their local computer.

It conveniently extracts attachments from multiple emails of iCloud Mail account mail folders at one time. With a quick process, it extracts all as well as specific type attachments from iCloud while maintaining data integrity.

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How to Extract iCloud email Attachments with iCloud Attachment Extractor?

For extracting iCloud email attachments with eSoftTools iCloud email attachment extractor software follow the provided instructions: –

  • Download, Install, and Launch iCloud attachment extractor software for Windows.
  • Add login credentials to your iCloud mail account. (Email address and app password).
  • Press the “Login” button to build a connection with the iCloud account.
  • Get a list of all available iCloud account mail folders and choose the needed folders.
  • Choose and apply other settings for extracting attachments. (Filtering file extension, mail filter, and attachments saving mode)
  • Choose a location for saving attachments and click the Save Attachment button.

Key Features of eSoftTools iCloud Mail Attachment Extractor Software: –

  • Bulk Attachment Extraction: for saving time and effort, extract attachments from multiple emails or folders from an iCloud account in a single operation.
  • Extraction from selective folders: Choose specific mail folders from your iCloud account and perform the attachment extraction from emails of only chosen folders.
  • Supports all attachment types: Support to extract entire attachments from selected folders as well as allows to extract specific type attachments by filtering extensions.
  • Preserve Data Integrity: Extract attachments while retaining their original file formats, metadata, and quality without any loss or alteration.
  • User-Friendly Interface: This tool has an intuitive interface that makes the extraction process easy and simple for users of all technical levels.
  • Compatibility: The software is compatible with all editions of Windows O/S. Users can easily run the software without macOS dependency for iCloud attachment extraction.


Downloading and extracting email attachments from iCloud Mail is a need of several users. A straightforward process to conveniently do this extraction we have shown in this blog post. By following the step-by-step instructions provided in this blog post, you can effortlessly download attachments from your iCloud Mail account. For a quick demo, try the free edition of the iCloud attachment extractor software now.

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