Many people are seeking a dependable method to extract attachments from their Gmail account emails. So, in order to provide you with the appropriate information, we have created this blog article. Here we will assist users to download Gmail attachments in bulk using professional options. So, let’s get started.

Gmail is a free email service provided by Google. Gmail has gained immense popularity and has become one of the most widely used email platforms worldwide. Google Gmail service offers users a web-based interface for sending, receiving, and managing email messages.

Gmail provides a generous amount of storage space for storing emails and attachments on cloud servers. Overall, Gmail has become a popular choice for individuals, businesses, and organizations due to its user-friendly interface, robust features, ample storage, and integration with other Google services.

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What is an email attachment?

An email attachment is a file that is delivered in addition to an email message. It might be any form of file, including a document, picture, audio file, video, or other digital item. When you attach a file to an email, it becomes part of the message and the receiver can download or open it.

Email attachments make it easy to exchange files with others by allowing you to send and receive essential documents or media assets via email.

Why download or extract attachments from Gmail emails?

There are several reasons why one might want to extract attachments from Gmail emails: –

  • Accessing File Directly: Extracting attachments allows you to access and save the files directly to your device. This is useful if you need to work with the attachments offline or share them with others.
  • Creating File Backup: Extracting attachments provides a way to back up important files sent to you via email. By saving attachments separately, you ensure that even if the email is deleted or inaccessible in the future, you still have the attached files.
  • File Organization: Extracting attachments helps in organizing and categorizing files more effectively. Instead of searching through numerous emails to find a specific attachment, you can save them in a dedicated folder structure or label them appropriately for easy retrieval.

Best Solution to Download Gmail Attachments in Bulk

Various tools are available online that can help you download attachments from Gmail account emails. The best in all of them is eSoftTools Gmail Attachment Extractor software. It will effectively extract attachments from multiple emails of Gmail accounts at one time.

This software is specifically designed for downloading Gmail email attachments by following some simple steps. It extracts attachments from emails of selective Gmail mail folders. Also, it allows you to save attachments to your specified location easily.

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How to Extract Gmail email attachments with Gmail Attachment extractor tool?

For extracting Gmail email attachments using dedicated software like “eSoftTools Gmail email attachment extractor software” follow the provided instructions.

  • Download, Install, and Launch the Gmail attachment extractor software on your computer.
  • Choose the Gmail or G-suite option from the available mail apps list.
  • Provide the necessary credentials to connect it to your Gmail account. ( This involves entering your Gmail email address and Google third-party app password).
  • Click on “Login” and once the software is connected to your Gmail account, it will provide you a list of all available mail folders from which you want to extract attachments.
  • Choose the needed mail folders of your Gmail account that has your emails/attachments.
  • Specify the criteria for extracting attachments, such as file types or date ranges.
  • Choose a location from your drive to save the extracted attachments.
  • Lastly, press the Save button to start the extraction process.

The software will scan the selected emails or folders and extract the attachments based on your specified criteria.

Advanced Features of eSoftTools Gmail Attachment Extractor software

  • Attachment Extraction: The software allows you to extract attachments from your Gmail and Google Workspace account emails.
  • Bulk Extraction: You can extract attachments from multiple emails or folders in bulk for saving time and effort.
  • Preserving Folder Structure: Enable users to extract attachments and save them to a local drive with retaining the original folder structure.
  • Mail filtering option: The software offers an advanced mail filtering option that allows you to choose dates of emails to extract attachments from the email of specific dates.
  • Filtering file extension: From Gmail emails, users can choose and enter file types of attachments to extract attachments of specific types.
  • Preview mail folders and Selection: The software might offer a mail folder preview feature. It enables users to view all mail folders and select needed folders. You can select specific folders and extract attachments from the emails of chosen folders.
  • Export and Save Options: You can choose a specific location on your computer and save the extracted attachments to that place easily.


In the preceding blog, we have discussed the reasons for extracting attachments from Gmail account emails and also provided the best solution to do this job. The Gmail attachment extractor software is the best program that allows users to perform the extraction of all attachments from Gmail emails with ease. If you want to download Gmail attachments in bulk, you can also try this utility. For a quick demo, try its free trial edition now.

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