Are you searching for a method to migrate iCloud emails to Office365 account? If this same situation is users, then get the best answer with this blog post. Through this write up we will show you “How to Import iCloud email to Office365?”.

iCloud is a cloud-based service offered by the brand Apple. While using iCloud services get access to different web apps and one of them is iCloud Mail. It is an emailing service that enables users to create a separate mail account with an email address ending with

iCloud mail supports managing and sharing emails of users’ accounts from cloud servers (similar to other webmail applications). It also offers various smart functions to swiftly perform emailing tasks.

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Why migrate from iCloud to Office365?

While using iCloud mail, some users prefer to switch to other mail apps like- Office365. There can be various this, like: –

  • iCloud Email Backup: – User prefers moving iCloud emails to Offie365 for creating an additional backup of their important emails.
  • Managing Storage space: – iCloud offers only 5GB of storage space on a cloud server to store users’ data (including emails). So, because of this low storage space problem, it is difficult to manage emails for users. As a result, users prefer to move their emails to other mail services.
  • Business purposes: – iCloud service mostly individuals prefer for personal use. For handling business communication via email, Office 365 is a better option as compared to iCloud Mail.

Direct Method to Import iCloud Email to Office365 Cloud

The smartest way to migrate iCloud emails to Office365 is eSoftTools iCloud Backup and Migration software. This is an automated software that is separately designed for doing this iCloud email migration job.

On any Windows O/S based machine easily access the software and perform iCloud email migration. Also, get several smart functions like- mail folder selection, mail filter, migration to primary or custom folders, and more.

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How to transfer iCloud email to Office365 with iCloud migration tool?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to migrate iCloud emails to Office 365 account: –

  • Download and launch iCloud Email Migration software.
  • Add your iCloud account email address and app password.
  • After entering account details, press the Login button.
  • Sign in with an iCloud mail account and load all mail folders.
  • Choose the required mail folders and click on Import to Cloud.
  • Select the Import to Office365 cloud import option and hit on Next.
  • Enter your Office365 account email address and apply other settings: –
    • Export option: – chose a location from your Office365 account in which you want to store imported iCloud mails.
      • Export in Primary mailbox: – move all emails to the primary mail of the Office365 account.
      • Input folder name for migration: – Add a new folder in the office365 mailbox and save all imported iCloud mail folders.
      • Export in => In-place archive folder: – Import iCloud emails to the In-Place archive folder of the Offie365 account. (Also, support to create a new sub-folder in the In-place archive folder).
    • Mail filter: – export emails of chosen dates from the iCloud mail account.
  • Press the Convert button and log in with your Office365 account.
  • Connect with the Offie365 server and easily migrate iCloud email to Office365.


There are a number of benefits of shifting from iCloud mail to Office365 service. To get those benefits users prefer to move iCloud emails to Office365/Outlook365. With the above-given method do this migration task in a simple manner to get immediate results. Before the purchase, also try the free demo edition of iCloud Backup and Migration software and access all software functions for free.

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