Are you looking for a method to extract attachments from Office 365 account mailbox items? Several users are seeking for a solution to the same problem. Users who want to perform this we have written this article. Here we will show you How to download attachments from Office365 account to computer with easy steps… let’s start.

Outlook 365/Office 365 is the online version of the Microsoft Outlook software. Users may quickly access Outlook 365 account from a web browser from any device. Like other mailing application, Office 365 also provides the facility to create, send, and receive emails with attachment.

Not only but also user can link attachments with calendar, contacts, and other mailbox items of Office365 account. These attachments are a crucial component, and as a result users prefers downloading those attachments from Office 365 to local drive.

The process of saving Office 365 attachments to local drive can help users in situations.

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Benefits of downloading attachments from Office365 to local drive

  • Accessing attachments without Internet: – Saving attachments locally will assist users to access the attachment without internet.
  • Freeing up space from Office 365 storage: – After downloading attachment to local drive, users can delete them from Office365 account to create extra free space.
  • Opening inaccessible/ incompatible attachment files: – Through Outlook 365 app, it is impossible to open incompatible files like- mbox, bat, tgz, etc. These users can only access after downoading them to local drive with supported application.

Methods to Extract Attachment from Office365 to Hard Drive

Two different methods are available, that users can try for downloading attachments from Office365 account mailbox items. First is Manual Method (that Office365 provides itself), and second one is an automated third-party tool. The complete steps for using both methods we have shown below: –

Method 1: – Manually download Attachment from Office365 account as ZIP

  • Launch your Office 365 account, from your web browser.
  • Open each mailbox item (containing attachments).
  • Click on the “Download all” link and export attachments as Zip file.

Applying, this method users will get a Zip file that has all attachments. Simply extract this file and view attachments easily.

Limitations of manual method

Using this manual approach has certain downsides. Here we list a few of them:

  • This technique only permits downloading attachments from a single mailbox item at one time.
  • Takes a lot of time of users for downloading Office365 attachments.

Method 2: – Download Attachments from Office 365 Using Professional Solution

Rapidly download attachments from Office 365 account through eSoftTools IMAP Attachment Extractor software. Using this tool, users can extract attachments from Office 365 mailbox by simply adding email account login credentials.

This tool supports extracting all attachments from items of all as well as selective folders of Office365 account. It easily download multiple attachments from Office 365 in bulk without creating a single bit of changes in source data.

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How to Extract Office365 Attachment with IMAP Attachment Extractor?

Download and Install eSoftTools IMAP Attachment Extractor on your computer. Then, follow the instructions shown below after installation: –

  • Run the software, then select Office365 from the list of mail app options.
  • Enter the email address of your Office365 account and click on Login.
  • Input email address again and enter the password of Office365 account.
  • After login process, get the list of all your Office365 account mailbox folders.
  • Choose required folders from office365 account and apply these extraction settings: –
    • Download/ Extract Attachments options: Choose one of the options listed below to save the downloaded attachments.
      • Extract Attachment folder-wise: Download attachments and store them folders-wise.Extract Attachment Message-wise: – Create a folder for each Office365 item’s for preserving their associated attachments.
      Filtering Attachment Extensions: Choose one of these methods to extract attachments of specific file extensions.
      • Predefined File Extension: Choose a file type from a list of several file types and extract attachments of desired file extension.Custom file extension: Enter the file types/extension (single or multiple) to extract them from Office365 account folders.
      Mail Filtering: – Select a “from” and “to” date and easily extract attachments from emails that fall within the chosen time frame.
    • Saving & Setting option: – Choose a place to save the extracted attachments.
  • Once you’ve made all the necessary choices and adjustments, click the “Save Attachments” button and to begin extracting attachments from Office365 account’s folders items.

Attachments of Office365 mailbox items, might include important information that you might need in the future. So, for Office365 users, it’s crucial to download Office 365 attachments to local drive. The users who wants to do this job of downloading attachments from Office 365 can take help of the method shown above.

Users can use try both above given methods, but for best results our recommendation is try eSoftTools IMAP Attachment extractor software. It also comes with free demo edition, that users can try for free to test all its capabilities.

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