Want to learn the method of exporting Horde Webmail account mail folders to local drives as MBOX files? If yes, then get your answer by reading this article. Here we show you the complete process to Export Emails from Horde Webmail to MBOX files. Let’s start…

Horde is a webmail service that several users are using nowadays. This webmail application is accessible through the hosting company’s cPanel. Usually, users set up an email account in Horde Webmail that is linked to their domain name. In order to access and control emails and other data of their business.

Users occasionally desire to download mail folders from their Horde Webmail accounts to MBOX files for different reasons.

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Reasons why users Export Horde Mail folders to MBOX

  • Securing data from Hackers: – Hackers can attacks users’ mail servers and disturb the existing data of the user’s account.
  • Preventing data loss issues: – There is chances of accidental deletion of data from user accounts. For preventing this issue users prefer downloading their email to a local drive.
  • Accessing emails locally: – Several users prefer to access their webmail account emails locally through different desktop-based email clients.

In all these situations, the process of exporting and preserving Horde account mail folders to MBOX files helps users a lot.

What is an MBOX File?

MBOX is a file type that enables users to preserve their mail folders with multiple emails. A single MBOX file can preserve a large number of email items with attachments and other associated information.

Also, there is a very huge list of email clients and application that supports this MBOX file type- like- Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, Opera Mail, and more.

Methods to Export Emails from Horde Webmail Mail to MBOX files

This job of exporting mailbox folders from Horde account to MBOX file, users can perform by two distinct ways. Both methods we have shown below: –

Method 1: – Manually Export Horde Webmail Mail folders to MBOX files

To back up Horde email folders as MBOX files, Horde itself provides a manual method. To do that just apply the below-given steps and download horde Account Mail folders in the form of MBOX files: –

  • Open your web browser, log in to cPanel, and Launch the Horde Webmail app.
  • Choose the needed mailbox folder (Inbox, Sent, etc.) from which you want to take email backup.
  • After the folder selection, right-click on each folder and choose the “Export” option.
  • Now you will see a new window, from that screen you need to pick a saving format.
    • Download into a MBOX file: – Export and save the selected Horde account mail folder as MBOX file.
    • Download into a MBOX file (ZIP compressed): – Get Horde account Mail folder in MBOX file compressed inside a zip file.
  • After selection of saving format, click the OK button and download it to your local drive.

Limitations of Manual Method

  • Able to download only one mail folder at one time.
  • Doesn’t supports combining email of all mail folders into a single file
  • Requires a web browser, opening cPanel, and launching the Horde Webmail application.

Method 2: – Download Horde Webmail Emails to MBOX using Professional Method

Manual methods have certain restrictions, and also there are chances of data loss with it. For this reason, we will suggest you transfer Horde emails to the hard disc as MBOX by using an automated method called eSoftTools Horde Webmail Backup software.

This is a smart solution for doing this job with accuracy and safety. It will directly download emails from Horde webmail to the user’s local drive. By using the tool, users get ten different options for saving Horde emails. Users can take backup of an infinite number of emails from Horde webmail account mail folders. Also, for making this email backup process much more accurate and easy this software offers several more smart features for users.

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How to use Horde Webmail Backup Software for exporting emails to MBOX files?

Download and Install the eSoftTools Horde Webmail backup software on your Windows O/S-based machine and proceed with the following steps: –

  • Launch the software, then input the information of your Horde Webmail account.-
    • Email Address: –          Your Horde account email address
    • Password: –                 Your Horde account password
    • Host Name: –               imap.<your domain name>.com
    • Port: –                         993
  • After adding all the necessary information, click the Login button.
  • Load all Horde Webmail account’s mail folders into the software.
  • Choose the necessary folders, from the list of Horde account mail folders.
  • After mail folders selection, select any one of the two saving options.
    • Save in Single MBOX: – Get emails of all chosen mail folders to a single MBOX file.
    • Save in Separate MBOX: – Get a separate MBOX file for each selected Horde account mail folder.
  • Choose a place where you want to save newly generated MBOX files.
  • Use mail filter option for exporting the email of a specific date range. (Optional/As per requirement.)
  • Lastly, hit the Save Backup button and start exporting Horde mail folders to MBOX files.

Through this blog post, we’ve covered the topic of “how to export Horde webmail mail folders to MBOX files”. We’ve shown you two different strategies for downloading Horde webmail emails. You have the option of selecting a manual solution or an automatic one. Performing this task of exporting emails with ease by applying the method and steps shown in the above section. 

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