Many users want a solution to perform Webmail emails to migration. The best technique to do this job, users can get here. By reading the following write-up users will learn How to Migrate Emails from Webmail to

At the present time, all users prefer managing their email accounts from the web. With web browsers, users can handle emailing tasks. There are several applications available on the internet that assist users in doing this emailing job.

Some of the most popular webmail applications are Roundcube, Squirrel Mail, and Horde webmail. Users get these webmail applications on their hosting server’s cPanel. These mail apps support managing business mail accounts and doing other tasks like- contact management, calendar management, and more.

But while using Webmail application, sometimes users require to shift to other applications like- and others.

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Main Reasons for Webmail to migration –

  • Taking additional backup of emails: – Users prefer moving emailing from Webmail to for creating an additional backup of their email profile data.
  • Trust and Popularity of Microsoft: – service is offered by Microsoft which is a trusted brand. As result, is more popular among users.
  • Smart security features: – has more advanced and smart security features, as compared to Webmail apps- Roundcube or Horde webmail.

Solution to directly migrate Webmail emails to

The best method for Webmail email to migration is utilizing automatic software called eSoftTools IMAP Backup and Migration Software. This single software will allow you to transfer emails from Roundcube, Squirrel Mail, and Horde webmail to account.

It will complete email migration with accuracy and without losing a single bit of data. Through this tool, migrate Webmail account mail folders with maintaining folder hierarchy and all email properties.

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How to Export/Migrate emails from Webmail to accounts?

Perform installation of eSoftTools IMAP Migration and backup software on your Windows PC and follow these below-given steps: –

  • Launch the software and choose the webmail option from the mail apps list.
  • Log in with your webmail account by entering details like- email address, password, port, and hostname.
  • Hit the login button and start loading the Webmail account mail folders.
  • Choose the needed mail folders and click the Import to cloud button.
  • Select the Import to option and click on the Next button.
  • Input the Email Address and Password of your account.
  • Click on Convert and start exporting webmail mail folders to your account.

Advanced Features of eSoftTools Webmail/IMAP Migration software

  • Migrate emails from Webmail to account by applying simple steps.
  • Export selective single, as well as multiple mail folders from a Webmail, accounts at once.
  • Transfer emails/mail folders from Roundcube, Squirrelmail, and Horde webmail.
  • Move webmail emails to and several more IMAP-based mail apps, with the same process.
  • Migrate emails of only specified dates from webmail with a mail filter function.
  • Offers a clear and easily accessible interface for users to perform the migration.
  • Supports working on all Windows O/S editions including- Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, XP, Vista, and older.
  • Comes with a trial edition facility to perform free migration of 20 items from each webmail account mail folder.


Users will require to export emails from Roundcube, and Horde Webmail applications to accounts for different reasons. For completing this task without facing difficulties users must use the above-given method. Using the Webmail/IMAP migration software complete this migration and get instant results.

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