Many users are trying to Export Roundcube mail folders to MBOX files. But for doing this, users are unable to get a reliable solution. If you are also facing the same scenario, then your solution you can get here. Here we will show you How to Export Email from Roundcube Webmail to MBOX.

Roundcube web application for emailing is the first choice of many users for managing email accounts. Users can securely access their business and individual account with this application.

But by using the Roundcube application users can access their profile emails only if they have an internet connection. This is one of the major issues by which users want to export their Roundcube emails to MBOX files.

By transferring emails from Roundcube account to MBOX files, users get the ability to access their emails locally with different desktop-based mail applications. The most well-known application supports MBOX files allowing users to access emails from it.

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Method to Export Roundcube Account Emails to MBOX files

Exporting emails from Roundcube webmail application to MBOX files is possible with two different techniques “Manual method” and “Automated method”.

Manually users can export Roundcube emails to EML files, then they can convert EML to MBOX files. Another method is making use of an automated Roundcube mail folder to MBOX Exporter.

Check the below-given sections and know the complete steps for applying the techniques of exporting Roundcube account mail folders to MBOX.

Method 1: – Export Roundcube mail folders with manual method

Follow these below-given steps to export Roundcube mail folders to MBOX files manually: –

Step 1: – Export Roundcube emails to EML files

  • Open a web browser and log in to your Roundcube webmail account.
  • Extract mail folders and click on emails and view them individually.
  • Click on the “More” button from the top menu bar and choose the “Export” option.
  • Provide a name to the Output file, click on the Save button and get emails in EML file format.

Step 2: – Convert Roundcube Emails files to MBOX

Note: – For doing this you will need Thunderbird or any other desktop-based email client that supports EML and MBOX files.

  • Launch the Mozilla Thunderbird application on your computer.
  • Create a new folder in your thunderbird profile to import emails.
  • Import all EML files (extracted from the Roundcube account) to a new folder.
  • Move to Add-ons and themes then install the “ImportExportTools NG” extension.
  • Now select the mail folders in which you have imported Roundcube EML files.
  • Right-click on the mail folder and select “ImportExportTools NG” >> “Export Folder” option.
  • Next, from the next opened screen choose the destination folder and click “select folder

Applying these steps users can export Roundcube emails to MBOX files.

Limitations of this Manual method: –
  • Users can export only one email from the Roundcube account at a time.
  • Requires Thunderbird or other EML and MBOX-supported apps.
  • A long process and takes a very long time for the email export process completion.
Method 2: – Use automated Roundcube Webmail Backup software

Directly exporting Roundcube emails to MBOX is also possible with automated software like- eSoftTools Roundcube Webmail Backup Software.

In an easy manner, users can perform a mail folder export process from Roundcube account, by using this tool. It provides several advanced features that make the email export process much more reliable for users. With ease, users can export entire mail folders to MBOX files in a single process with this tool.

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How to Export Roundcube Mail Folders to MBOX with Webmail Backup Software?
  • Download and launch the Webmail Backup Software.
  • Enter your Roundcube account Email address, password, port, and hostname.
  • Load all mail folders and choose the required mail folders from your account.
  • Choose a “Save in Single MBOX” or “Save in Separate MBOX” option from the export options.
    • Save in Single MBOX: – Move all email items of all selected Roundcube account mail folders to a single MBOX file.
    • Save in Separate MBOX: – Create a separate MBOX file for each selected Roundcube account mail folder.
  • Apply other settings and options like- Mail Filter, Naming Convention, etc.
  • Choose a location for saving resultant MBOX files and click the Save Backup button.

Following this simple process start exporting all selected mail folders of Roundcube Webmail to MBOX files.


Users can safely export all mail folders from Roundcube account MBOX files. All that can do this job, we have described in this article. The manual method can complete the email export process but it has some limitations. So, the best option for users is to make use of the automated Roundcube backup tool of eSoftTools.

This too will export mail folders from Roundcube to MBOX for users with actuary and ease. To check all its capabilities users can download and try its demo edition for free.

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