Are you using the Roundcube webmail application and want to export emails to EML files? Are you also finding a solution to do this job with accuracy? If yes, then read this article & get the answer to the query “How to take Mail Backup from Roundcube Webmail to EML files”.

Nowadays, all desktop application users are switching to the cloud or web-based applications. One of the most used web-based applications is Roundcube. This is a webmail application that is available for free for all users.

This open-source webmail application conveniently and reliably manages users’ email accounts. With simple clicks, users can install Roundcube on their hosted servers for emailing purposes.

There are several benefits of using Roundcube webmail, and that’s why this application has gained huge trust and popularity.

A user can safely access a Roundcube mail account without fainting O/S compatibility issues. Also, users can access their accounts from multiple locations at a single time.

Apart from benefits, there are several limitations to this webmail service. Because of them, users sometimes need to take Roundcube email backup to EML files.

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Why do users want to save Roundcube emails to EML files?

Roundcube requires internet and without an internet connection, users can’t access their mail profile for sending/receiving or managing emails. But by exporting emails to EML files users becomes able to access their mail profile email locally. This is a major benefit of exporting Roundcube emails to EML files.

Users can save their Roundcube account emails as EML files and can get the ability to open and read an email from all EML-supported EML applications like- Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook Express, eM Client, and more.

Methods to Export Roundcube Webmail Emails to EML files

From Roundcube webmail users can export emails to EML files using two different methods.

Manually download Rouncube Webmail Emails using the Export option

Roundcube offers users to easily export and save users’ profile emails as EML files. Users just needs to follow the steps shown below, to perform this job.

  • Login to your Roundcube webmail account.
  • Select each Email and view selected emails
  • Click on the “More…” option from the menubar.
  • Choose the “Export” option from the dropdown list.
  • From the file dialog box, choose the location for saving resulted EML files.
  • Input the name for the resultant and click on Save.

Applying these steps, download Roundcube emails as EML files manually.

Note: – At a time user can only extract a single email using this method.

Limitations of Manual Method

  • Support to export only one email at one time.
  • Only offers EML file format to save Roundcube emails.
  • Requires a web browser for downloading emails.
  • Take a long type in exporting emails to computers.

Download Roundcube Emails to EML files with Webmail Backup Tool

The method that will help you in downloading emails from Roundcube webmail to EML files is eSoftTools WebMail backup software. Using this utility users can export multiple emails from Roundcube accounts at one time.

It can export emails from single as well as multiple mail folders with a single process. In addition to EML, this tool offers 8+ more file types to export and save Roundcube emails. With the requirement of any additional application, it performs an email backup process and provides the fastest results.

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How to Export Roundcube Emails to EML via eSoftTools Webmail Email Backup Software?

  • Launch the eSoftTools Webmail Backup Software on your computer.
  • Enter your hostname, password, and email address of your Roundcube account.
  • Press the Login button after providing all the account information.
  • Load every mail folder of your Roundcube mail account into the software.
  • Select the needed folders and choose “Save in EML” from the export options list.
  • Chose a location from your local drive to store the generated EML files.
  • Apply the mail filtering by date and naming convention settings.
  • Lastly, export Roundcube emails to EML files by pressing the “Save backup” button.

We have outlined the best strategies to take Roundcube email backup in the EML files through this article. You can quickly export Roundcube account emails with the solutions shown above. The manual method can be a free solution for taking backup of Roundcube account emails, but for best and instant results users must use the automated tool known as eSoftTools WebMail Backup Software. Check all its abilities using its demo edition.

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