Want to download emails from Horde webmail account in the form of EML files? Then read this article. Here we will show you the best technique to export emails from Horde Webmail to EML files.

Nowadays a large number of users are using the Horde Webmail application for managing their email account. It facilitates users to store their email profile data on their hosted mail server. Users can access accounts of Horde Webmail from different locations at one time.

For providing a preview of emails, Horde webmail uses IMAP protocol which assists users in accessing emails without downloading them locally. It helps users in managing emails without getting any size issues.

To access a Horde Mail account users just need their account details, web browser, and internet. Several benefits users get with Horde webmail service.

For some reason, users may require to extract emails from Horde Mail accounts. They need to export their Horde Mail emails to EML files at that time. This process helps them to take backups of their important emails and access them with different applications.

Methods to Export Emails from Horde Webmail to EML files

To Export Emails from Horde Mail account, there are two best methods available for users. First is the free manual process and the second method is making use of automated software. Below we have discussed both techniques in complete steps.

Method 1: – Manually Export Emails from Horde Webmail to EML files

For manually exporting Horde emails to EML files follow these below-given steps: –

  • Firstly, open and log in to your Horde Webmail account.
  • Load all emails of your account and double-click on each email.
  • View the email with all details on a separate screen and press the Save button.
  • By pressing the save button, download Horde email in EML format to your local drive.

Limitations: – Users can save only one email at one time using this method. For users who want to export emails in bulk, it is not the right method.

Method 2: – Export Horde Emails to EML with Automated Webmail Backup Software

The smartest method with will assist users to export Horde Webmail emails to EML files in bulk is eSoftTools Horde Webmail Backup Software. This advanced program assists users in downloading their Horde account emails with fewer efforts.

It performs an email backup process in batch mode with maintaining complete data integrity. Without losing a single bit of information from the user’s account it smartly extracts entire emails. In addition, many other intelligent functions help users to download their emails in an easy manner. Efficiently users can download unlimited emails with great speed and accuracy.

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How to Export Horde Emails to EML files with Webmail Backup Software?

Download the eSoftTools Webmail backup software and perform its installation in your windows computer.

  • Start the software and enter your Webmail account details. Like-
    • Email Address: –          Your Horde account email address
    • Password: –                 Your Horde account password
    • Host Name: –               imap.<your domain name>.com
    • Port: –                         993
  • After adding all the needed details click on Login and sign in to the software.
  • Load all mail folders of the Webmail account and choose the required folders.
  • Choose Save in EML from the export options, after the mail folder selection.
  • Select a location where you want to preserve the downloaded EML files.
  • Use the Mail Filter and Naming Convention settings as per requirement.
  • Finally, hit on the Save Backup button and export Horde Emails from EML files.

Downloading emails from horde webmail to EML files is a common task that several users want to perform at the present time. The best method to perform this job we have shown in this article. The manual method is free and every user can try it if they have enough time. Alternatively, they must use the automated Horde Webmail Backup software which enables users to download emails in bulk with accuracy.

To get more information regarding webmail backup software download its demo edition free of cost.

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