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Want to Extract Emails from IMAP account to PDF files, but facing problems in performing this job? If yes, then your problem is now solved by reading this article. Here we will talk about the best technique to download all emails from IMAP Server to PDF files.

Nowadays, there are several free as well as paid web-based mail applications available on the internet. All those web or cloud mail applications work on IMAP protocol. It aids users to access their profile emails without downloading them locally.

Gmail, Office365, & YahooMail are examples of web applications that use the IMAP protocol. Swiftly users can access these web applications and their profiles from any location in this world. Additionally, there are several more benefits of this service, which attract users for using these IMAP-based webmail apps.

But aside from benefits, while using IMAP accounts sometimes users also face different types of problems. For handling those problems, users require to save their IMAP account emails in PDF documents.

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What is PDF & Why Save IMAP emails in PDF files?

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file type that supports saving documents digitally. Different types of data items and documents users can in this file type. It is a universal file type and is supported in different applications, OS, and devices.

There are several reasons why users need to save and export IMAP account emails to PDF files. Like: –

  • Preserving IMAP Account Emails Locally: – By exporting IMAP account Emails to PDF, users can save their emails to their local drive.
  • Viewing Emails Without Internet Dependency: – Saving IMAP Emails to PDF files users get the facility to access their Emails without the Internet.
  • Accessing IMAP Emails with different applications: – By moving IMAP emails to PDF files users will get the power for accessing IMAP emails with all PDF-compatible apps.
  • Encrypting Emails with PDF Password-Protection: – Users can add password protection in PDF files which can help users to protect their IMAP emails.

Quick Method to Download All Emails from IMAP Server to PDF

The best way to export IMAP emails to PDF files is eSoftTools IMAP Migration & Backup Software. This single tool aid user in safely extracting several emails from multiple mail folders of IMAP account at once.

For making the IMAP Email Backup process much easier and more accurate it provides multiple advanced functions. Users can export emails from IMAP mail folders selectively. It can Extract and save the IMAP Emails to PDF files with all email details and attributes.

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How to Export IMAP Account Emails to PDF Documents Using IMAP Backup Tool?

Download IMAP Backup Software, perform its installation on your Windows machine, and follow the steps given below: –

  • Launch the software and choose your Webmail application from the provided list.
  • Provides the account details- Emails address, Password, Port, and Host Name.
  • After, filling in all required IMAP account details, hit the login button.
  • Load all IMAP account mail folders into the software.
  • Select the needed folders and choose Save in PDF option from the export options.
  • Choose the location where you want to save new PDF files that have IMAP Emails.
  • Additionally, use Mail filter by date and Naming Convention function.
  • Lastly, click on Save Backup button and start downloading IMAP Emails to PDF files.

After applying these simple steps, the software will download all emails from your IMAP account into PDF files.


There are a lot of advantages to saving IMAP account emails to PDF files as a backup. For users who want to perform this job rapidly with accuracy, we have written this blog post. Simply use the above-discussed techniques and steps to Download All Emails from IMAP Server to PDF Documents. Also, for checking all the abilities of eSoftTools IMAP backup software, all users can download and try its free demo edition.

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