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There are a lot of users who requires to merge archive PST files. If you are one of them, then this blog help you to perform this PST file merging task with ease. Here we will talk about the instant solution to merge multiple archives PST files in Outlook. Continue reading to know complete steps

MS Outlook email client allows users to store user’s sent/received mails copies locally. For this, Outlook uses data file PST. Not only emails but also this file also contains contacts. Calendars, tasks, notes, journals, and many other things.

With Outlook users also get an archive function. Using this feature of Outlook users can create a backup of their profile data. Users can set dates or times to export their Outlook profile data in archive PST files on a regular basis.

Archiving features of Outlook can help users in various cases but sometimes archiving PST files can obtain several problems for users.

As a result, to solve the problem related to archiving PST files, users require to merge archive PST files into a single file.

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Why Merge Archive PST files?

There are several cases, in which users require to merge archive PST files, some of them are:-

  • With Archiving process Outlook sometimes creates a lot of PST files on user machine. It may create size issues in user’s computer.
  • Managing data from several archive PST files may create different problems for users, for this user’s needs to merge PST files into one file.

Instant solution Method to merge multiple Archive PST Files

Manually merging mail folders, and other folders or items from different PST files is difficult. But to make this process much faster and easy users has the option of using eSoftTools PST Merge & Join Software.

With this advanced utility, a user can merge all Outlook folders from two or more Archive PST files with ease. The software has the power to merge PST files with Outlook installation requirements.


Steps to Merge multiple Archive Outlook PST files via PST Merger:-

Merging PST files with all Outlook folders is easy. Download/install eSoftTools PST Merger to their windows computer and simply apply the below-mentioned steps to make PST merginf process with ease:-

  • Launch PST Merge & Join Software on a windows based computer.
PST Merging Tool
  • Select an option to add/import Outlook PST files in the software from the options:-
    • Add File:- Select and add PST files one by one in the software for PST merging.
    • Add Folder:- Select a folder that has multiple PST files and all of them at once
    • Search PST Files:- Select a folder/drive location and search all files with .pst extension and import them to the software.
select pst one by one
  • Add required PST files in the software and hit the Next button.
  • After this from the Merge & Join Functions section choose required option
    • Merge All folders
    • Merge Only Contacts folders
    • Merge Only Calendar data
    • Merge Only Journals
    • Merge Only Tasks
    • Merge Only Notes
pst merge options
  • From PST options section input File Name, Store Name, and password to new files.
  • Choose a destination path to save merged Archive PST files.
  • In final step, hit the Merge & Join button and merge all archive PST files with complete outlook folders.
pst merge button

Now import the resultant/merged PST files in outlook and access all data from it with ease.


MS Outlook provides archiving features and saves users data time by time in archive PST files. But managing data from these multiple PST files is difficult that’s why users’ needs to merge Outlook folder data to a single PST. For users who want to do this task, we have written this blog post. Now, download PST Merger and follow the steps mentioned above to merge archive PST files easily.


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