Are you required to migrate emails with attachments from Roundcube to Office365, but you do not have enough knowledge or tools to do so? Here, we are going to provide a comprehensive guide on how to easily migrate from Roundcube to Office365 in just a few clicks with the help of an automated software solution. We will also cover a few manual procedures to do this job yourself without investing a single penny. So, let’s dive into this blog until the end.

A short about Roundcube and Office 365

Roundcube – Roundcube is a free email client available as open-source with every hosting account. It is a web-based email client that offers multiple benefits, such as a user-friendly interface and easy access to emails via a web browser. The most important feature is that emails can be accessed from any device, including laptops, desktops, and mobile devices.

The Roundcube interface is the most attractive part of this email client. Its interface features a three-column view where everything looks organized and accessible.

Office365 – Office365, now known as Microsoft 365, is a subscription-based service by Microsoft that offers an extensive range of productivity tools and cloud services. Office365 is also popular for its email management and calendaring capabilities, which attract users to opt in for their regular emailing needs. Below, we will discuss a few reasons why users choose Office365 or migrate from Roundcube to Office365.

Reasons to Choose Microsoft Office 365

Office365, also known as Microsoft 365, provides robust security features and tools, real-time collaboration, regular updates, and technical assistance, making it a more reliable choice for both individual and corporate users compared to the basic email functionality offered by Roundcube Webmail.

Here are a few common reasons why user transitioning their emails from Roundcube to Office 365-

Enhanced Productivity Tools: Office 365 provides an extensive range of productivity applications for users to opt for and use regularly. Web Outlook is one of them, which facilitates collaboration and boosts productivity compared to Roundcube, which lacks such features.

Access Emails from Web Browsers: As we all know, Office 365 runs on the cloud, making it easily accessible from any web browser, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Mozilla, or any other web browsers.

Easier Email Accessing: The cloud-based infrastructure of Office 365 enables users to conveniently access their emails and files from any location and on any device.

Cost-Effective & Stability: Office365 operates on a subscription model, requiring some charges compared to Roundcube, which is a free webmail email client. However, investing in one subscription account can provide access to a highly secure platform where users experience unparalleled stability and reliability.

There are many more reasons why users consider migrating emails from Roundcube to Office365. Now, let’s explore how to migrate Roundcube emails.

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A manual approach to Migrate Roundcube emails to Office 365 Mailbox

The manual process involves several steps and needs more attention during the migration. A single mistake can cause the loss of important emails. So keep focusing on the manual steps carefully.

  1. First download emails from Roundcube
  2. Import download emails from Roundcube to Office 365 Mailbox

First download emails from Roundcube:

In this phase, we need to download/ backup emails from Roundcube by logging into Roundcube.

  • After logging into Roundcube account, select the email message that you want to download on the local drive.
  • Click on the “More” button and choose “Download (.eml)” option.
  • After that you see your selected email message successfully downloaded on your computer’s local drive.

Import download emails from Roundcube to Office 365 Mailbox:

After downloading the emails from Roundcube, the next step is to import them into Office 365. This can be done by simply dragging and dropping the emails into the Office365 mailbox folder.

Why Avoid the Manual Process of Migrate Roundcube to Office 365:

In the manual procedure, you can only download one email message from Roundcube at a time. So, if you have hundreds, thousands, or millions of emails, it becomes frustrating to download each email one by one. This is the most difficult aspect, prompting users to consider switching to specialized software.

Risk of data loss: Manually handling email migration increases the risk of data loss or corruption, particularly if mistakes are made during the transfer process.

Inefficiency: The manual method takes more time and effort than the automatic software solution. An automated solution can move or migrate lots of emails at once without needing much input from the user.

Quick & Instant Adoptable Solution to Migrate Roundcube to Office 365

We all know that migrating data or emails from one platform to another is not easy; it requires careful attention and the right tools and knowledge. In this regard, eSoftTools presents you with two best tools: the IMAP Backup and Migration Tool and the Webmail Backup & Migration Tool. These tools allow users to easily migrate from Roundcube to Office365 with attachments in just a few simple steps.

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Steps Need to Take the Migration of Roundcube to Office 365

  • Install and launch the eSoftTools IMAP Backup & Migration Tool on a Windows computer.
  • Choose the Webmail option from the list of available mail apps.
  • Provide your email address, password, and the hostname of your Roundcube account.
  • Click on the login button, and the software will load all the mail folders from your Roundcube mailbox.
  • Choose the folder checkboxes from the list of folders displayed in the left panel of the software and then click on the “Import to Cloud” button.
  • Choose the option “Import into Office365
  • Provide your Office365 email address
  • Complete the authentication process as instructed on the screen by the software.
  • Once authentication is completed, the software will migrate emails from Roundcube to Office365 directly without intervention.

 Congratulations! You have completed the migration process of Roundcube emails to Office365 with attachments.

As a Closing Remark:

Roundcube is an open-source web-based application with basic emailing features, which is why users are considering moving to the highly secure platform, Office365. In this blog, we discussed Roundcube’s features, what Office365 offers, and how it provides a more flexible and robust platform. We also outlined the manual steps for downloading Roundcube emails to a local computer and importing them back to Office365. Additionally, we provided the best professional solution for successfully migrating Roundcube emails to the Office365 mailbox with all attachments.

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