Summary: – Are you trying to export and save calendar event data from some ICS files to CSV? If yes then find the easiest ways to do the work from this blog. So, let’s see the method to export/convert ICS calendar to CSV Excel files.

ICS and CSV file format – Overview

ICS – A file format for storing and transferring calendar data is this ICS (iCalendar) file. It contains information about the calendar events, including start and end hours, location, description, title, etc.

CSV – CSV (Comma-Separated Values) is a file format that stores tabular data, which is also used to save calendar events. When storing a calendar in a CSV file, each row represents an event with columns for attributes such as event title, description, location, start date, start time, end date, end time, etc.

Why Convert ICS to CSV (Excel) files?

ICS and CSV files can be used to store and share calendars but differ in many aspects. For Exporting calendars from ICS to a CSV file, there can be reasons like-

  • Importing calendar to incompatible apps: – Some calendar management applications support importing calendars to CSV files in place of ICS. Therefore, to import calendars from an ICS file into those applications, users have to first convert ICS to CSV files.
  • Simplified Viewing of Calendar entries: – Some users find it easier to access calendar data from CSV files than from ICS. Spreadsheet programs such as MS Excel provide a clear preview of calendar events available in CSV files. It has also become very easy to change the calendar data information in rows and columns.

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Users query

I have some ICS files that hold calendar events from all my Outlook profiles. I need to prepare a report of these calendar events and give it to someone. All the calendar event information I want to preserve in a CSV file to easily access it in MS Excel. If it is possible please tell me how to do it.

Smart Method to Convert ICS Calendar to CSV files

Exporting and saving Excel calendars to CSV files is possible with a variety of strategies. The best-automated method among all is eSoftTools ICS Converter Software. This is the special solution to perform this different task of ICS file conversion.

A user can securely transfer calendar entries from an ICS (ICalendar) file to CSV and other file types. Get the power to view all calendar information directly from ICS files. Save each calendar to a separate CSV as well as all to a single CSV file. Also, get more options for smooth conversion of ICS files.

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How to Export/Convert ICS Calendar to CSV Excel Files via ICS Converter?

Follow these given simple steps to Convert ICS Calendar to CSV (MS Excel) files: –

  • Download and Launch ICS Converter Software for Windows O/S.
  • Press the Select ICS File/Folder button and choose Folder-Mode or File-Mode.
  • Add ICS File for conversion and preview calendar events from ICS files.
  • Select ICS folders and press the Convert ICS button to move to further process.
  • Choose Export in CSV (Excel File) from the export options and select a saving location.
  • After the selection of the Export option, choose any one of these ICS to CVS Import mode –
    • Create Single CSV File for All Calendar items: – Export calendar items from multiple ICS files and preserve them in a single CSV file.
    • Create Separate CSV File: – Export and save each Calendar event to separate CSV files.
  • Finally, hit the Convert button and start the process of Exporting ICS Calendar to CSV Files for Excel.


Exporting calendars from ICS files to CSV is a requirement of various users. The solution which will give you accurate results in doing this task, we have shared in this article. Now simply use ICS Converter and get instant results from ICS to CSV file conversion.

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