Is it possible to export calendar events from ICS to EML files?  What is the method to transfer calendar items from ICS files to EML files? If you are searching for these kinds of queries, then get a solution with this article. Here we will show “How to Export/Convert ICS Calendar file to EML files?”.

ICS is a file format that provides the facility for storing calendar events. There are many applications that use this ICS file format for saving calendar entries. In an ICS file users can save calendars and access them locally with different applications and devices.

Some of the most well-known application that supports ICS files are- Google Calendar, Outlook, IBM Notes, Windows Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, and more.

In an ICS file users can save a single calendar as well as multiple calendars. It can save calendars with all associated information like- Title, Summary/Description, Start and End time, Location, Alert, attachments, and other details.

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Why Save ICS Calendars to EML files?

There can be several reasons, why users require to export ICS calendars to EML files: –

  • Several ICS-compatible applications are available, but for some applications the primary file type for saving and accessing calendar is EML. As a result, to access calendars in that application, the user needs to convert ICS to EML files.
  • As compared to ICS files, EML files provide a preview of calendar event information more clearly.
  • For accessing calendars from ICS files users first have to import them into compatible apps. But EML is directly accessible to all supported apps and views its inner items easily.

Advanced Method to Convert ICS Calendar File to EML

With the help of eSoftTools ICS Converter Software, export Calendar from ICS to EML files. Effortlessly transfer all calendars from ICS to EML files for Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, and supported mail clients.

It exports every event from ICS files, including- notifications, meetings, appointments, and other events. At one time, it can export calendars from several ICS files and save each event to a separate EML file. Also, get a number of other clever features that will speed up and improve the accuracy of ICS to EML conversion.

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How to Export Calendar Events from ICS to EML files?

Follow the steps listed below to perform ICS to EML file conversion: –

  • Firstly, download and install ICS Converter software on your Windows PC.
  • Open the software and click on the “Select ICS file/folder” button.
  • Choose Folder mode or File mode to add ICS files to the tool.
  • Add ICS files, and view calendar entries from chosen ICS files.
  • Pick ICS folders/sub-folders and click on “Convert ICS” from the menu bar.
  • Choose the Export in EML option from the list of export options.
  • Select a location to save the generated EML files from your local drive.
  • Finally, activate ICS to NSF File Conversion process by clicking the Convert button.

Key Features of ICS Calendar file Converter software: ­-

  • Convert ICS files containing calendar entries with EML files with easy steps.
  • Export every calendar entry from multiple ICS files in a single process.
  • View all calendar entries from ICS files with all their related data before conversion.
  • Saves the converted files to a user-specified directory after converting ICS to EML files.
  • Supports converting ICS files produced from any supported application.
  • Convert ICS to PST, MSG, HTML, MHTML, NSF, and New ICS, in addition to EML files.
  • Works on all Windows OS versions, including- Win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, Vista, XP, etc.
  • Convert ICS files with 25 calendar entries for free using ICS Converter free demo.


Many people require to extract and save ICS calendars to EML files in a variety of circumstances. In this post, we’ve given you the finest and simplest approach for doing this task. Users may easily convert ICS to EML files by using ICS Converter and following the methods shown above. To freely perform the conversion, try the demo edition of ICS Converter now.

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