Do you have a question: “Is it possible to open a password-protected Excel file without the password?” If yes, stay tuned to this article for the best answer. You will get the smartest solution to unlock Excel workbook without password from here.

MS Excel software is part of the Microsoft Office suite that is offered by the Microsoft brand. It is used to create spreadsheets to manage data and perform tasks like calculations, creating charts and graphs, etc.

A spreadsheet works on a grid system that holds data in rows and columns of cells. MS Excel program enables users to store data, such as text, numbers, dates, formulas, and functions, in cells of an Excel spreadsheet.

The collection of multiple spreadsheets or a single Excel is what we know as an Excel workbook. One of the best things about this Excel workbook is the support of password protection.

Users can apply password protection to their Excel workbooks and prevent their use by unauthorized persons.

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Why Unprotect/Unlock Excel Workbook?

There are various situations in which users will need to unprotect Excel workbooks, some of them are: –

  • Removing Password Protection: – For some users, it is very irritating to enter the password every time they open an Excel file. That’s why they like to remove the password protection.
  • Editing Workbook Structure: – Sometimes users will need to make changes to the Excel workbook structure. To do this users need to unprotect the Excel workbook which enables them to edit the structure of the workbook.
  • For enabling multi-user access: -If multiple users need to use and make changes to the same Excel workbook at the same time, they need to unprotect the Excel workbook.

Is it possible to unlock Excel workbook without password?

The answer to this question is “NO”. If you don’t have the original password of your Excel workbook, it may be very difficult or impossible to access data from locked file.

So, whenever a user faces such a situation then the solution for the users in that situation is to perform recovery of their Excel workbook password. The best strategies to recover an Excel password are: –

  • Memory Recall: – Try to think and find out any possible passwords you might have used to lock the Excel workbook.
  • Previous Versions files: – Find an older version of an Excel workbook on your computer that has no password protection.
  • Automated Excel Unlocker: – Try to recover forgotten Excel file passwords through an automated tool like- eSoftTools Excel Password Recovery Software.

Best Automated Excel Password Recovery/Unlocker Tool

The smartest and most result-oriented approach to recovering forgotten Excel file passwords is to use automated tools. One of the best tools available in the market specifically for doing this is eSoftTools Excel Password Recovery Software.

It will help users to recover Excel passwords of any length and any character combination. With a few easy steps, users can recover any easy-to-complex password in minimal time. Gain the power to use recovery methods such as brute force, mask, and dictionary attacks. Plus, get multiple options to customize these strategies to increase password recovery speed.

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How to Unlock Excel Workbook Using Excel Unlocker Tool?

The entire process to unlock an Excel file is in 2 steps which are shown below. Apply both steps and unprotect Excel workbook swiftly: –

Step 1: – Recover Excel File Password

  • Download and launch eSoftTools Excel Password Recovery Software.
  • Press the Excel button and click on the Next button.
  • Hit on the Open button and add the locked Excel file.
  • Choose a password recovery strategy from the options (Brute Force, Mask, or Dictionary attack).
  • Use additional options like- character selection, adding prefixes/suffixes, customizing dictionary files, and password length settings.
  • Lastly, click on the Recover button and start Excel workbook password recovery.

Within a short period, the software provides the original password of your Excel file.

Step 2: – Unlock/Unprotect Excel workbook

  • Launch the MS Excel application and add your encrypted Excel workbook/file.
  • Click on the Review tab from the top menu bar.
  • Hit on the “Unprotect Workbook” button.
  • In the opened dialog box enter the password (that you recovered previously).
  • Simply click on “OK” and easily unlock Excel workbook.

With the above blog post, we have covered the topic “How to Unlock Excel Workbook without Password”. Use the method shown above to unprotect an Excel file with minimal effort. Also, before purchasing the Excel password recovery tool, try its free demo version to test all its functionalities for free.

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