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A huge number of users nowadays are facing Excel file password forgotten issues. Users who are in this scenario need to break excel file password protection. But for doing this job they have the accurate knowledge. So, to help all users we have written this article. We will show you “How to Break Password Protection from a Password Protected Excel Sheet?”

MS Excel is one of the applications that come with Microsoft Office suite. The main use of MS Excel is to create spreadsheets for users. In this entire world, a very large number of users use MS Excel in their daily life.

In Excel, files users preserve their different information in different cells (divided in rows and columns). For managing and storing all data with ease MS Excel provides different features to users. In addition, Excel provides other security functions that help users to secure their important data.

In a single Excel file users can add multiple types of encryption. Users can secure Excel sheets, cells, and workbooks with password protection. This helps users to secure their data from unwanted/unauthorized persons.

But in some cases, users forget their own excel file password and become unable to access data from their Excel files. In that situation, they require to Break protection from Excel files.

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Is it possible to Break Password Protection from Excel Sheet without a password?

If a user is thinking to break Excel file password protection, then we want to tell you, directly it is not possible. The only way to do this job firstly users to recover their forgotten password. After the recovery users will be able to easily unlock encrypted Excel files easily.

Advanced Method to Break Password protection from Locked Excel Sheet

To Remove or Break Excel file password protection, firstly users will need to recover their lost Excel file password. The best solution to complete this process is eSoftTools Excel Password Recovery Software.

This advanced utility has the power to recover a password of any length and any character combination in a short time. Alphabetic, Numeric, Symbolic, and password of other characters both a user can safely recover with this smart tool.

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How to Break Excel File Password Protection with Excel Unlocker tool?

To break password protection from Excel files without passwords users have to follow a 2-step process. Simply apply them and unlock Excel files.

Step 1: – Recover Excel file password

  • Download, Install and Launch Excel Password Recovery/Unlocker tool.
  • Choose Excel option from its first screen and hit the “Next” button.
  • Click the “Open” button and add password-protected Excel files.
  • Next, choose a password recovery technique from provided options: –
    • Brute Force Attack: – Search password all character combinations (a-z, A-Z, 0-9, !#@$)
    • Known/Part/Mask Attack: – Input known password character and recover only forgotten character of password
    • Dictionary Attack: – Search English word password from inbuilt dictionary file of software
  • Apply and customize required settings with password recovery attack (like- character set selection, custom dictionary file selection, inputting known characters, etc)
  • Finally, press the “Recover” button and begin Excel password recovery job.

In a concise time, the software will complete the password recovery process and provide the complete excel password to users.

Step 2: – Unprotect Excel Sheet in MS Excel

  • Open MS Excel application and your password-protected Excel file.
  • Select the locked sheet and click on “Review” option from the menu bar.
  • Click on Unprotect Sheet & enter the password (recovered with Excel Unlocker tool).
  • After adding the password click on “OK” & remove/break password protection from the Excel sheet.

By applying this simple method users can easily unprotect Excel sheets with a few clicks of the mouse.

Excel Password Recovery/ Unlock Tool Advanced Features: –

  • Performs recovery of lost Excel file password with easy process.
  • Recover password of Excel file extensions- xla, .xlam, .xls, .xlsm, .xlsx, .xlsb, .xltm, etc.
  • Helpful for unlocking Excel sheet and workbook passwords in a secure manner.
  • Recover lost Excel file passwords with 3 advanced techniques- Brute-Force, Mask, and Dictionary Attack.
  • Supports Excel files of all MS Excel editions including- 2019, 2016, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000, and other editions.
  • Additionally, offers to recover MS Access and MS Word file password.
  • Workable on entire edition of Windows Operating System including- Windows 11.


In most cases, Excel users forget their excel sheet password and lose access to their important data. For this reason, users start searching for solutions to Break Password Protection from a Protected Excel Sheet. The best technique to solve this user query we have provided through this article. Users can now try eSoftTools Excel Password Recovery Tool to unlock Excel sheets safely.

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