How To Remove Password From 7zip File easily?

A 7z file is an actual way to compress any type of large size file or folder into a single file. The 7z compressing tool can provide complete security protection. In addition, the utility has also encryption features in the software that allows locking a 7z file with a very powerful password.

Many times users forget their password from the mind and lost the saved password, and there is no other option is available to open the 7z file because of security reasons.

But through this blog, I introduce an automated method with simple steps to remove the password from the 7zip file immediately.

An automated method to remove password from 7zip file

eSoftTools the brand that designed much technical software and now provides an excellent 7z Password Recovery Tool.

This is the right way to remove a password from a 7zip file with an automated method in a very short time without much effort.

It can provide easy and simple graphical user interface {GUI} which can make trouble-free to use for every person.

This 7z password remover tool is fully tested with all viruses and works on all Windows OS up to 10 and 7z variants.

It comes with the Free Demo edition which allows getting back the initial three letters or characters of the password-free of cost. And also offers three advanced password recovery techniques.

You can know more about the recovery attacks:

  1. Brute-Force Attack: The brute force attack will try all possible password combinations or lengths and the range you have set.
  2. Mask Attack: A mask attack is for those who remember a basic part of the password.
  3. Dictionary Attack: Dictionary attack will be trying for all the alphabets (upper case and lower case) combinations and lengths you have possibly provided.

Some unique features of this amazing tool:

@ Copy to the clipboard function: – After the recovery of the 7z password without any hassle so, you can copy the password on the clipboard to save the password for future use.

@ Safe and secure way to recover & remove 7z password: – This 7z password recovery tool is 100% safe and secure from multiple viruses and easily recover and remove password from 7z file.

@ Three most reliable recovery options:- This software has provided three high levels of advanced recover attacks or methods for remove, recover, and unlock 7z password such as– {Brute Force Attack, Dictionary Attack, and Mask Attack}.

@ Simple and easy GUI or UI: – Provides simple, easy, and understandable graphical user interface {GUI} for all and every 7z client.

@ Shows the live preview of the password recovery process: – A preview option is always displaying on-screen to verify the recovery process is performing well or not, and you can also check your recovery status at any time.

Simply Retrieve Lost Password of 7z File By Following These Steps:-

  1. Download and install this software in your system.
  2. Browse the file which has to be open.       
  3. Choose a recovery technique from the given options for recovering lost 7z password such as- {Mask Attack, Brute Force Attack, and Dictionary Attack}.
  4. Press the “Recovery” button and wait for it sometimes.
  5. Now password will appear on-screen.

At last, you can save a recovered 7z password through the copy to the clipboard function for future use.

How to remove password from 7z file?

First Step: Choose the locked 7z file that you want to extract and unlock.

Second Step: – Right-click and select the “Extract Here” option.

Third Step: – Enter your password, which you got with the help of our software.

Final Step: – Finally, enter the password choose “Yes” and “Browse”, the password will be removed successfully.


When getting a password forgotten issue of 7z file users have to get the assistance of this most straight forward application. By using this 7z Password Recovery software user will get the lost passwords by just applying some simple steps. And recovering the password user also gets the authority to remove the password from the 7z file by putting the recovered password on the 7z file.

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