Summary: – Are you looking for a solution to transfer Hotmail account data to MS Outlook desktop? If yes, then your search is now over because your solution is in this article. Here we will show you how to smartly change/switch from Hotmail to Outlook. Let’s get started.

Hotmail is the first email service that enabled users to access their email account from a web browser. It is one of the oldest webmail email services that is still in operation.

Over time, it has undergone many changes and several attempts at rebranding. It is now known as ““, integrated into Microsoft’s suite of online services. offers the ability to create email accounts with both “” and “” domains and use them through the Outlook Web App.

Many users like to add their Hotmail account to Outlook desktop to increase efficiency.

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Why do users want to add a Hotmail account to Outlook?

There are several reasons why people want to access their through the Outlook desktop application: –

  • Unified Inbox: – Outlook provides the convenience of managing multiple email accounts simultaneously. With just one click, users can switch from Hotmail to Outlook’s other configured email accounts. By including a Hotmail account, users get easy access to it along with their other linked accounts.
  • Offline Access: – In case of Internet connection problems, users will have access to the Hotmail account in offline mode if they configure it in MS Outlook.
  • Advanced Features: – Outlook desktop offers many smart features to easily perform email tasks and manage email accounts- some of the main features are- a customizable interface, advanced search functionalities, encryption, spam filtering and more.
  • Customization: – The high level of customization in the Outlook interface makes it possible to easily manage email accounts.

How to Change/Switch from Hotmail to Outlook Desktop?

Below are two methods that users can try to easily add a Hotmail account on Outlook desktop: –

Method 1: – Add/Configure Hotmail account in MS Outlook

The first to add Hotmail account data in Outlook is simply to configure your Hotmail email account in MS Outlook with these steps: –

  • Launch MS Outlook on your computer.
  • Hit on File from the top menu and open Account Settings.
  • Hit on “New…” and add your Hotmail account email account login credentials.
  • Click on Sign In and other required steps for account configuration.

Complete the Hotmail account adding steps and easily access all its data in MS Outlook.

Method 2: – Import Emails to Outlook with Automated Tool

For users who want to import Hotmail account data to Outlook without email account configuration, the best solution is eSoftTools IMAP Backup and Migration software.

This smart tool is available to back up Hotmail account data to Outlook-compatible files. Users can easily download Hotmail account data into Outlook files like PST, MSG and more file types and then they can safely import them into the existing MS Outlook profile.

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Steps to Transfer Hotmail Emails to Outlook with IMAP Backup Software

  • Download and Launch IMAP Backup software for Windows.
  • Select Hotmail from the drop-down list of available email apps.
  • Input the email address and password of your Hotmail account.
  • Click on Login and sign in to the software with a Hotmail account.
  • Load all mailbox folders into the software and choose specific folders.
  • Select “Save in PST” or another available export option (select only Outlook-compatible formats).
  • Select the Mail filtering option if want to export email date-wise (export email of a specific date range).
  • Click on Browse and choose a place from the drive to save the newly generated PST file.
  • After successfully applying all the required settings click on the Save Backup button in the last step.

Users will get a new Outlook PST file after the Hotmail email backup process is completed. Now users simply need to import this file into the Outlook profile with the Import/Export wizard. With the success of the import job users will be able to access the Hotmail account data in Outlook.


What benefits will I get from adding a Hotmail account to Outlook?

Managing Hotmail and other email accounts from one place, offline access to Hotmail email, and several more are the benefits of adding Hotmail account to Outlook.

Which method is recommended for adding Hotmail to Outlook?

With both the above available 2 methods users can try to add Hotmail data to Outlook easily. One is to add a Hotmail account directly to Outlook and the other is to import Hotmail account data into Outlook. Users can choose any method as per their choice without any problem.

Can I transfer some specific folders from Hotmail account to my existing Outlook profile?

Yes, users who want to export some specific mail folders from their Hotmail account to an email profile existing in Outlook can take the help of automated eSoftTools IMAP Backup and Migration software.

After adding a Hotmail account to Outlook, will I still be able to run my other available email accounts?

You can run multiple email accounts in Outlook, including your Hotmail account, after configuration. This makes it easy to manage all your email profiles from one platform.

The Final Words

Switching from Hotmail to Outlook is quick and easy. Adding a Hotmail account to Outlook will enable you to create a unified inbox, offline access, advanced features, and customization options. Whether you choose to configure your account directly within MS Outlook or use third-party migration software, both methods will enable you to add Hotmail account data to MS Outlook. Make this change today to update your email management process.

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