Are you using a Charter/Spectrum email service to email? Do you want to export some email data from Charter’s email account to Gmail? If yes, get the best solution to perform this task in this article. Here we will explain the complete steps to transfer Charter email to Gmail. Let’s start….

Charter Communication (known as Spectrum) is one of the most well-known companies offering services like- cable television, internet, telephone, etc.

Charter Mail is also a service that the company “Charter” offers to all its subscribers. People who purchased any of the services of Charter get the facility to create a free email account and manage it with Charter Mail.

Charter Mail users receive an email account that ends with “” or “”. Users can access this email account directly from a web browser and can also configure and use it in email applications like Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.

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Why migrate Charter Emails to Gmail?

  • Switching email service: – When users want to move from Charter Mail to Gmail with their former important data they like to transfer emails.
  • Consolidating account data: – Users like to export and store emails in one account to access data from different email profiles in one place. This is also applicable in the case of Charter to Gmail email export job.
  • Managing Storage Space: – Users who want to manage some storage space in their Charter Mail account may prefer to move emails to Gmail and delete them from the Charter Email account.

Smart Program to Transfer Charter Email to Gmail

Download and use the simple program to transfer Charter emails to Gmail. The solution that is offered separately to perform this task is eSoftTools IMAP Backup and Migration software.

Utilize this automated method to seamlessly transfer emails from Charter Mail to Gmail and Google Workspace. Effortlessly migrate emails from either all folders or specific ones within your Charter Email account. Export emails from chosen folders, preserving their comprehensive details.

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How to Export Emails from Charter / Spectrum Mail to Gmail account?

  • Download the IMAP Backup and Migration Tool and install it on your Windows PC.
  • Launch the software and select either “IMAP Server,” “Webmail,” or “Any Other Server Email Accounts“.
  • Enter your Charter account login credentials:
    • Email Address: Your Charter account’s email address, e.g., ““/ “
    • Password: Password of your Charter email account.
    • Host Name: add host name i.e. ““.
    • Port: Keep it as 993.
  • Once all details are added, click the Login button.
  • Load mail folders from Charter webmail and choose the folders you want to export.
  • Click the “Import to Cloud” button and select “Import into Gmail“.
  • Enter your Gmail email address and app password, then click the Authenticate Login button.
  • Apply mail filter settings, then click “Import to Gmail account” and begin the migration.


Moving emails from Charter Webmail to Gmail is easy when you use the IMAP backup/migration tool. Users can easily transfer their email data while preserving the integrity of their messages and folders by following the instructions listed above. This application guarantees a smooth and effective transfer process. Also, it allows you to adjust mail filter settings and folder selection as needed. Try the demo edition now and swiftly migrate emails from Charter to Gmail.

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