Are you looking for a way to move emails from cPanel to a Gmail profile, then your solution will be in this article. Here we will explain the complete steps to transfer emails from cPanel to Gmail account. Let’s start…

cPanel is a web-based control panel that hosting providers provide to users to manage their websites. cPanel functions include email account management, database creation, uploading/downloading files, installing CMS, and more.

Users create different email accounts associated with their businesses or websites and manage them from this cPanel. Users can access email accounts with applications such as Roundcube and Horde Webmail in cPanel.

Sometimes, users need to transfer emails from cPanel to an application like Gmail. There could be many reasons why users find themselves unable to do so.

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Why move emails from cPanel to Gmail?

  • Managing Emails: – Users may need to move emails from cPanel to Gmail and delete cPanel emails to free up some space or manage.
  • Backup cPanel Emails: – Moving emails from cPanel to Gmail is a method for creating additional backups of important emails.
  • Gmail Security features: – Gmail offers several smart features to add additional security to protect emails that are not available in cPanel.

Best Solution to Migrate cPanel Emails to Gmail

The best solution for exporting emails from cPanel to Gmail is now available. The solution that we are talking about eSoftTools IMAP Backup and Migration software.

Take the help of this automated way of shifting emails from cPanel webmail to Gmail and Google app passwords. Transfer emails from all or specific mail folders of your cPanel account. Export Each email from selected folders with their complete information. Move emails from email accounts hosted on cPanel of any hosting provider like- HostGator, Hostinger, Bluehost, or others.

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How to Move/Transfer Emails from cPanel to Gmail account?

  • Download the IMAP Backup/migration tool and launch this software on a Windows PC.
  • Choose “IMAP Server”, “Webmail”, or “Any Other Server Email Accounts” any one of these accounts.
  • Add your cPanel account login details in the required fields: –
    • Email Address: – add the cPanel account’s email address, “
    • Password: – Password associated with cPanel email account.
    • Host Name: – For example, “”.
    • Port: – 993 (let it be as it is).
  • After adding all the needed details, press the Login button.
  • Load mail folders from cPanel/Webmail and select folders for exporting.
  • Press the Import to Cloud button and choose the Import into Gmail option.
  • Add the Gmail email address and app password and hit on the Authenticate Login button.
  • Apply mail filter settings (if needed) and click on Import to Gmail account to start migration.


Transferring emails from cPanel to Gmail using the above method is a straightforward process. This migration helps consolidate email onto one platform while benefiting from Gmail’s robust features and reach. Now, follow the mentioned steps to successfully migrate cPanel emails while maintaining their structure and every relevant property.

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