Do you have ZIP or ZIPX files that are password-protected? Have you lost the password to that file? If this is the problem and you want to unzip your zip file, please continue with this article. In this writeup, we will discuss “How to open password protected ZIP file without password?” will discuss. let’s get on.

ZIP and ZIPX are file formats that are used for file compression work. It is used in reducing the size of large files, combining different folders/files, creating backups, etc. It is the most well-known file compression format and works on almost every operating system.

One of the most famous tools that enable users to generate ZIP/ZIPX files is “WinZip”. Users can easily create a zip archive to store their data securely and even encrypt it with a password.

In some scenarios, password security becomes a major problem for users. Like, the situation where users forget the lock password of their zip file.

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Users Query

I am a portrait artist and some of the images of my artwork are in a ZIPX file. But my problem is that I created this file three years ago and now, I don’t know its actual password and I can’t open it. This ZIPX file contains my best artwork and I can’t afford to lose the data in my ZIP file. Please provide me a way to open an encrypted zip file without a password…

When users get stuck in this kind of problem, the first question that arises in their mind is “How to open a password-protected zip file without a password?” So, let’s look at the answer.

Solution to Open Encrypted Zip File Without Password

If the user does not have the password of his locked zip file, then it is very difficult to unlock this file. But one solution is to recover lost passwords. To Recover Forgotten ZIP file passwords the best method is eSoftTools ZIP Password Recovery Tool.

This is the best tool that assists you in recovering lost passwords of ZIP and ZIPX files. It will allow you to perform password recovery with techniques like- Brute Force Attack, Mask Attack, and Dictionary Attack. With a safe process, it will recover the password of all character combinations.

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How to Use ZIP Password Recovery Software to Unlock ZIP files?

  • Download and Run this Zip File Unlocker tool on a Windows PC.
  • Press the Browse File button and import the locked ZIP files.
  • Choose a password recovery strategy from the options: –
    • Brute Force Attack: – Recover entire passwords without any prior password knowledge.
    • Mask Attack: – Enter known characters and recover only the lost characters of the password.
    • Dictionary Attack: – Recover the password of English words from the inbuilt dictionary file of the software.
  • Apply the settings like- character selection, defining password length, and customization in the dictionary file.
  • Lastly, hit on Recover button and start the ZIP file password recovery process.

After the password recovery process is complete, the software will open a new window with the options “Open File“, and “Copy to Clipboard“.

Simply click “Open File” to directly open your password-protected zip file. Alternatively, use the Copy to Clipboard option to manually unlock the zip file and store the password for future use.


The lost password of a zip file can create a disturbing experience, but there is no need to be worried in this scenario. This is because the user can get access to their encrypted zip file’s data by recovering the lost password. Users can do this with the program called eSoftTools ZIP Password Recovery Tool. With advanced algorithmic methods, this tool provides the best results to recover zip file password and enable users to access their data again.

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