Do you see the yellow triangle with exclamation mark on the MS Outlook icon on your desktop? Want to know why it is appearing and how to remove it. If yes, then stay tuned to this article to get the exact answer. continue reading.

MS Outlook is an application that makes it easy for users to manage their email profiles. It offers an extensive number of features and options to perform emailing tasks securely.

Sometimes users face various types of errors and problems while using Outlook. The most common of them is the presence of a yellow triangle with an exclamation point.

This icon indicates that there may be problems with email connectivity or synchronization.

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User’s Query

I am a new user of MS Outlook and I am using it to manage my email account through my desktop. I have configured a new email profile in it. But after configuration on Outlook, I see a new problem. On the MS Outlook icon there is a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark over it. I don’t know why it looks like this. Please tell me any solution to remove it easily.

Reasons for Outlook’s Yellow Triangle with Exclamation Point

There can be many reasons for the appearance of this yellow triangle on MS Outlook Icon on the user’s PC: –

  • Problem with Internet Connection: – Unavailability of internet on the user’s computer or slow internet speed can be the main reason for this problem.
  • Connection Problem with Mail server: – Server crashes, accidental deletion of a user’s mailbox from the server, and other server-related issues can cause connection issues leading to Outlook’s yellow triangle issue.
  • System security tool’s Interference: – The system’s antivirus and firewall software may block Outlook’s Internet connection or some other functions performed by Outlook, which also causes the yellow icon problem.
  • Incompatible Outlook Add-Ons: – If there is any corrupt or problematic add-on available inside Outlook.
  • Incorrectly configured email profile: – Email profiles that users have improperly configured in Outlook.
  • Changes in Outlook profile password: – If the user changes the email profile password, it makes the configured profile of Outlook inaccessible and Outlook also shows the yellow icon.
  • Oversized Mailbox/ Data file: – There is a size limit for storing data on an Outlook data file. Crossing this limit may generate issues in Outlook “like- Yellow icon”.
  • Corrupt Outlook Data files: – Outlook data files that are corrupt/ damaged or inaccessible are also the reason for the error in MS Outlook.

Backup Outlook Profile data

Note: – Before proceeding with the steps to fix the Yellow Triangle issue, first, create a backup of your Outlook profile data to avoid accidental data loss. To do this job, try the automated utilities provided by eSoftToolsPST Recovery software and OST to PST Converter.

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Methods to Fix “Yellow Triangle with Exclamation Point in Outlook” Problem

Solution 1: Check and Resolve the internet connection issue

Without the Internet, it becomes difficult for Outlook to function properly. So, firstly users should check their internet connection and resolve the issue.

Solution 2: Restart MS Outlook application

Close the MS Outlook application and all related sources. Now relaunch it on your computer and check if the error is fixed or not.

Solution 3: Update MS Outlook on your desktop

The problem may arise if you are using an older version of Outlook or are currently using a MS Outlook version that has bugs. To fix this, updating MS Outlook to its latest version could be the smart solution.

Solution 4: Review Issues from the Server side

Check the server status, and contact your email service providers to resolve the issues. Also, review the incoming and outgoing server settings in MS Outlook.

Note: – from the server side, the issues may be Power Outages, Hardware Damage, Cybersecurity Issues, Network Glitches, etc.

Solution 5: Examine settings in Anti-Virus software

Review the firewall or anti-virus programs and settings in your computer to resolve the problem. Users can also try disabling it temporarily to check if the error is resolved.

Solution 6: Remove Unnecessary Addons

If the error is appearing due to incompatible add-ons, use MS Outlook in safe mode first to find out. After that, remove all problematic extensions from Outlook.

Solution 7: Verify Email account configuration settings

Double-check all email account login details and email incoming and outgoing settings. Reenter the correct email address, password, port, hostname, and other necessary information.

Solution 8: Check Outlook Mailbox size

Outlook only provides limited storage for storing email profile data in data files. So, first of all, check if your mailbox has reached its storage limit. Next, clear unnecessary emails or archive them to reduce the mailbox size.

Also, use Outlook’s inbuilt compact function and automated tools like- PST splitter and Outlook compress and compact software.

Solution 9: Recreate Outlook Profile

If you are still facing the error after trying all the above solutions then the problem might be with your configured profile. You can replace your existing profile with a new Outlook profile. To do this simply delete the existing Outlook profile and reconfigure it with these steps: –

  • Exit from Outlook and navigate to “Control Panel” on your PC.
  • In the Control Panel select the “Mail (Microsoft Outlook)” option.
  • Click on the “Show Profiles” option from the Mail Setup – Outlook window.
  • Press the “Add…” button from the Mail window to create a new profile.
  • Type a name for Outlook Profile in the “Profile Name:” field and click on “OK”.
  • Select the required email account login mode and enter the required login credentials. (“Your Name” “Email Address”, “Password”, and required information.)
  • Complete the email account sign-in process and get a new Outlook profile.
  • Launch MS Outlook and see your newly configured Outlook profile.

All Outlook errors will be resolved after the new profile configuration.

Solution 10: Repair Corrupt Outlook data file

The majority of corruption errors including- the yellow triangle sign also appear in Outlook because of corrupt Outlook data files “OST” or “PST”. Users can easily resolve minor corruption errors through Outlook’s “Inbox Repair Tool (ScanPST.exe)”.

Another option to repair Outlook data files is automated tools – Outlook PST Recovery and OST Recovery Software. Using this software of eSoftTools users can export data from corrupt data files to new PST files. with ease. This will recover data from inaccessible data files and help in resolving errors from Outlook.

repair pst to fix Yellow Triangle with Exclamation point issue

A yellow triangle symbol may appear on the MS Outlook icon for several reasons. In the above article we have explained all the reasons for this and also given their solutions. Anyone who is facing the same issue on their computer can fix it using the above-mentioned methods.

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