Are you looking for a solution to backup Office 365 mail folders to MBOX files? If yes, then read this article to know the best solution. Here, you will discover how to Take Mail Backup from Office 365 to MBOX with this blog post.

Microsoft’s Office 365 is a web-based service that allows users to use MS Office applications from web browsers. Office 365 authorizes users to access applications including- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, and more from cloud.

Using Office 365, users also get the benefit of accessing MS Outlook from cloud, also known as Outlook 365. For emailing Outlook works from cloud servers. Also, Office365 stores all user’s data on cloud servers.

Sometimes, Outlook 365 users require to access their email profile data locally.  But this job is possible, only if users have a backup of their mail profile data.

That’s why several users need to take Office365 email backup to files like- MBOX.

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Why Take Mail Backup from Office365 to MBOX?

MBOX is a file format that supports holding users’ emails locally with complete security. Also, MBOX is a common format and supports work on several email applications.

Many well-known email clients use MBOX file type as their primary file type for saving mail folders like- Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Gmail, etc.

When users extract and save Office365 emails to MBOX, they become able to access Outlook 365 account data locally with different supported applications. This is the by which a huge number of users want to Export Office365 mail folders to MBOX files.

Instant Method for backing up Office365 Emails to MBOX files

I would recommend you take the assistance of the eSoftTools Office 365 Backup Tool. This is an advanced and automated tool to permit you to export emails from your Office 365 account to MBOX files. This software delivers the most user-friendly and reliable interface, making the backup process simple for anybody. With no technical computer skills, users can take a Backup of Office365 emails to MBOX files.

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How to Backup/Export Office365 Mail Folder to MBOX files?

Firstly, download and install eSoftTools Office365 Backup software on your PC. Then, follow the steps shown below: –

  • Open the Software & enter Office 365 account email address and press the Login button.
  • Enter your Office 365 email address and password and log in to the software.
  • Through the software, extract every mail folder of the Office 365 account.
  • From the Office365 account’s list of mail folders, choose the required folders.
  • Choose the options to save Office365 emails in MBOX files from the conversion options: –
    • Save to Single MBOX: – Save emails of multiple folders to a single MBOX file
    • Save to Separate MBOX: – Save Emails of individual mail folders to separate MBOX files.
  • Choose a destination path from your local drive, to keep the resultant MBOX files.
  • Next, use the options like- “Mail filter” and “Naming Convention” settings.
  • Lastly, click on the “Save Backup” button and take a backup of Office 365 mail folders to MBOX files

Important Features of eSoftTools Ofice365 Backup Software

  • Quickly extract the entire email from the Office365 profile & save it into different formats.
  • Select Mail folders and Export email items from specific folders of the Office365 account.
  • With the mail filter function, export emails from of specific date Office365 account.
  • Allows users to manually choose the location on the local drive to keep resultant files.
  • Works with all Windows OS versions (including- win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, and Vista).
  • Includes a demo version facility that allows every user to download up to 20 emails from each Office365 account folder without spending any money.


Many Office365 users want to take a backup of their emails to MBOX files. This process is simpler and easy if you use an authentic approach like- eSoftTools Office365 Backup Tool. This method will allow users to export Office 365 mail folders in single or separate MBOX files without any disturbance. For checking all its functions try its demo edition now.

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