Do you want to method to extract emails from IMAP account to EML files? If so, then follow the instructions described in the following article to learn How to Export IMAP Account Emails to EML files?

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is a protocol that enables users to access and edit emails of an email account without downloading them. Nowadays all email clients/applications are able to handle IMAP accounts.

The most well-known mail application like-, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc all work with IMAP protocol.

But apart from this, some users desire to access their IMAP account emails locally. For this reason, people want to export IMAP emails to EML files.

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Why Export IMAP Emails to EML files?

EML is the file format that several email clients use to store users’ emails locally. Email clients create separate .eml for saving each email individually with attachments.

After downloading all IMAP account emails from IMAP server into EML files, users become able to save emails locally and access their emails from the different email applications.

Users can smoothly open EML files to view emails on various email clients, including- Windows Live Mail, eM Client, Outlook Express, DreamMail, Mozilla Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, The BAT, etc.

An excellent method for exporting IMAP account emails to EML files is eSoftTools IMAP Email Backup Tool for Windows. It allows users to extract and save IMAP emails to EML without showing any kind of errors.

Users can export emails from multiple folders of IMAP accounts to EML files selectively using this tool. IMAP Backup tool supports downloading emails from all IMAP protocols-based mail accounts and creates universal EML files supported by all EML-based applications.

How to Export IMAP Emails to EML files with IMAP Mail Backup Software?

Download IMAP Backup Software after downloading it, Install IMAP backup software on your PC. Then follow the steps listed below to save IMAP emails to EML files: –

  • Launch eSoftTools IMAP Backup Software on your computer.
  • Choose your IMAP-based application from the list of available options.
  • Add your email address, password, and any other information (Host Name & Port).
  • Enter all required IMAP account information, then click “Authenticate IMAP Login.”
  • Select “Get Backup to Local Drive” from the next screen that appears after logging in.
  • Choose option “EML” from the conversion options to preserve IMAP account emails.
  • Apply other necessary settings like- Mail Filter and Naming Convention.
  • Next, choose a location from your drive where you want to save the resulting PST files.
  • Click on “Backup Now” to start the process of downloading IMAP emails as EML files.

Advanced Features of eSoftTools IMAP Backup Software

  • Export and preserve IMAP Account emails as EML files with complete information.
  • Also, save IMAP emails to more file types like- PST, EML, EMLX, MSG, HTML, MBOX, & more.
  • Transfer emails from one IMAP mail server to other cloud-based services like- Gmail, Yahoo,, Office365, and others.
  • Use the mail filter by date function and export emails from IMAP Server of specific dates.
  • Supports all Windows operating systems, such as Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.


We have covered every step of the process for exporting IMAP emails to EML format in this post. Here, we have extracted emails from the IMAP server to EML files using IMAP Backup Tool. Users may use this method to download emails in EML files and access resultant files on a variety of email clients.

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