In the digital world, contacts play a very important role in daily life as well as in running a business. Every company and organization maintains their clients’ contact listings in different ways, such as managing in Excel spreadsheets, through any custom tool, and through email clients. MS Outlook is a good choice for users to maintain contacts. Sometimes, users have hundreds or thousands of contacts in multiple Outlook accounts and manage them. Most users face lots of problems in maintaining multiple PST files, and it is also a very hectic task to search for particular contacts from more than one PST file. Here, I will discuss how to merge multiple contacts in Outlook and store all the contacts in a single PST file without having any duplicates. So get connected with this article till the end and gain full awareness of merging multiple PST files into one.

Users Queries

Query 1) I have managed my 4 Outlook accounts for the last 5 years, and every account has hundreds of contacts. Now I want to store all my contacts in a single place (I mean a single Outlook account). I know there is a mix of duplicate and outdated contacts in my listing. So, is there any tool available to remove the duplicate contacts from these PST files and merge all of them into a single PST file?
Query 2. I am willing to integrate multiple contacts of Outlook in a single PST file because I am dealing with difficulty whenever I analyze and manage the contacts list of different PST files.  My friend advised me to merge Contacts in Outlook into one single PST file. I am unaware of how to perform the merging task. Can anyone give the proper description of the merging process?

Description of MS Outlook

MS Outlook is a worldwide popular and most-used email Client that offers a variety of functionalities and features to users as well as It also has an easy-to-understand User Graphical Interface that makes it user–friendly also that compels people to adopt it as a primary email client. MS Outlook uses PST(Personal Storage Table) file format by default to store the Mail folders like Calendar, Contacts, Inbox, Outbox, etc.

Outlook’s features include: 

  • Sending and receiving emails
  • Organizing tasks, calendar appointments, contacts, and notes
  • Offers to create a distribution list in contacts.
  • Offers the MS Exchange Server feature
  • Automatically updating the calendar with travel and delivery details
  • Safeguarding files, emails, and information with security

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Why Users need to merge multiple contacts in MS Outlook

The Reasons for consolidating the multiple contacts of Outlook in a single PST file are-

  • The Management and accessing of the contacts consume a lot of time for users when they have thousands of contacts stored in multiple Outlook accounts PST files. In order to save time, users need to merge the multiple contacts of Outlook in one single file.
  • Accessing, searching, and picking any specific contacts is easier from a single PST file in comparison to multiple PST files.
  • Merging contacts is helpful when users want to remove outdated and duplicate contacts that are no longer useful to them.
  • If the user wants to create a distribution list then picking the person’s contacts from a single file is easier.
  • Users often want the backup of contacts to preserve them for additional security, for preserving the contacts of Outlook, Merging contacts is a simple and easy method of preserving the contacts for future use.
  • Sometimes, It is very hard to handle or manage the Contacts of PST files. Because there are ample PST files saved on the desktop.

Ways to Merge Multiple Contacts

Every Outlook user wants to know the steps of merging multiple contacts into a single Outlook file. So let’s begin the steps we need to take and merge contacts straight forward. Here we describe the contact merge in two different ways. The first is through the manual method, and the second is through an automated software solution that is good and 100% result-oriented.

Both options are useful and allow users to choose anyone and solve their problems. Through the manual method, you need to take every step very carefully; otherwise, contact data is lost and is gone forever. However, through the automated software, there is no risk of contact data loss, and multiple contacts can easily be merged by removing the duplicate contacts.

Manual Method in Outlook

The manual method can be done in MS Outlook by following the written down instructions as follows:-

  • Need to make a backup
  • Create a new Contacts folder in the contacts section.
  • Transfer your contacts to the newly created contact folder
  • Export your contacts to Excel to remove duplicates
  • Open the exported Excel file.
  • Remove duplicate and unwanted contacts from the spreadsheet.
  • Save and import the spreadsheet to the Outlook contact folder.
  • Combine contacts automatically in Outlook

Merge Contacts through an Automated Software

Here, I suggest you go through the eSoftTools PST Merge & Join Software, which is specially designed for Outlook users to merge multiple contacts in one go as well as provide the option to join multiple PST files into one PST file without losing any single data. This software is recommended by multiple Outlook users and firms; they have used it earlier and solved their merging issues.

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Highlighted Key Features of Software

  • The software has the option to add multiple PST files for merging and joining into one PST file.
  • For user flexibility, the software allows to name the PST file and Outlook Store file name.
  • The software has an additional protection level that is applying a password to the new PST file.
  • The software allows the users to merge only contact items, merge only calendar items, merge only emails, merge only tasks, and merge only journal items as per the user’s needs.
  • After merging or joining the PST file, the resultant PST file is supported with all editions of MS Outlook.
  • It is a time-saving tool for Outlook users.

Software Working Steps-

  • Download the PST Merge & Join Tool and install it on a Windows computer.
  • Open the software.
  • Add the contacts folder in the Software by choosing either PST file or PST folders.
  • Click on the “Add Folder” button from the toolbar and select the PST file or folder having multiple PST files.
  • The software automatically fetches all the PST file and add them to a list for processing.
  • Click on the “Next” button.
  • Now choose the option for Merging the PST file.
  • If you want to name the PST file, Outlook Store name, or apply a password to the PST file then name it properly within the software.
  • Define the location for saving the PST file.
  • Finally, click on the “Merge or Join PST” button and wait for a few minutes.

Once, the software completes the merging process, a confirmation dialog will appear on your screen. After that, you can look at the output PST file on your saving location.

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Sometimes users need to combine multiple Outlook contacts in one single PST file for several reasons, like removing outdated and duplicate contacts and making the management and access of contacts easier. To fulfill the needs of users, I brought this article with solutions, In the blog, there are two methods mentioned. According to user needs, users can pick any method to complete their requirements. An automated software, “eSoftTools PST Merge and Join Tool,” is also recommended in the article for easier and smoother conversion and user convenience. To get a complete, detailed explanation, read the blog from start to finish.

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