Want to combine multiple PDF documents into a single file? If yes, then this article will help you to resolve your query. Here we will show you How to merge PDF documents into one file. Continue reading…

Nowadays users prefer to save their important documents and data in digital form. One of the most reliable file types that supports preserving documents digitally is PDF (Portable document format).

Many users use PDF files to save different types of documents (like- licenses, certificates, reports, etc.)

Users save their different documents to separate files, but sometimes they require to merge them into a single file.

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Below we have mentioned some of the real user’s queries, to provide more information regarding situations where users need to Merge PDF documents.

Users query

User 1: – I am a portrait artist and I have saved my created artworks digitally inside different PDF files. Each artwork I have saved it into a separate PDF file. But now I want to combine all those PDF files into one file. Can any suggest to me the best solution to merge multiple PDF documents into one file?

User 2: – I am a freelancer and recently I got a work to take pictures from a book and save them digitally inside a PDF file. I have completed that task but accidentally, I saved all pages into separate PDF files. But I want to combine them together. Is there any solution available to combine pdfs into one pdf document?

Smart Approach to Combine/Merge Unlimited PDF files

In this entire world, there are numerous users who want to combine PDFs into one PDF file. The best utility which provides instant and accurate results for this is eSoftTools PDF Merger Software.

This smart program is specially made for merging PDF files. A user can merge unlimited PDF files into one file with simple clicks. It performs PDF file merging process without misplacing a single bit of information from source files.

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How to Merge PDF Documents into One file through PDF Merger Software?

Download eSoftTools PDF Merger software and perform its installation on your machine and follow the below-given steps: –

  • Launch PDF Merging tool, select the “Merge PDF File” option, and hit on Next.
  • From next screen, choose an option for adding PDF files to the software.
    • Select PDF File: – One by one add PDF files from different locations.
    • Select PDF Folder: – Add a colder with multiple PDF files and import them in one single process.
  • Choose desired option for file section, then press the Next button.
  • Select “Skip or remove attachments from output file” option to merge PDF files without attachments. (As per user’s requirement)
  • Click on “Save” and choose a location for preserving the merged PDF documents.
  • Lastly, hit on Save and start the process to combine/merge PDF files into one file.

Innovative Features of eSoftTools PDF Merger/Splitter Software

  • Combine/Merge multiple PDF files into one file with easy process.
  • Merge unlimited PDF files together with or without attachments.
  • Import PDF files into the software for merging one by one from different locations.
  • Folder selection with multiple PDF files and all file in one single process.
  • Merge PDF files of any size without facing size restrictions issues.
  • Perform PDF merging process without losing a single bit of information from source files.


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