In this article, we will explain every possible way to resolve user queries, such as how to import EML files to a Gmail account. Migrating to Gmail is a good choice because Gmail provides a convenient way to access email messages from any device. We will provide the complete EML migration steps to Gmail through a manual approach and an automated professional solution. So, stay with us until the end of the article to learn the steps for importing EML files directly into a Gmail account.

Overview of EML Files and Their Compatibility with Various Email Clients

EML is a very common file extension for email messages. Many email clients use EML files to store email messages, but they are all system-dependent. Email clients like Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, The Bat!, Zimbra, Zoho Mail, and Apple Mail use EML files. The EML files hold the complete content of an email message, including attachments, headers, and the body of the email.

The Benefits of Using Gmail for Email Management

  • Gmail is a popular cloud-based email service provided by Google. It allows users to access their emails from anywhere at any time with an internet connection. Additionally, Gmail provides ample storage for emails, photos, documents, and files. Gmail’s fast and effective search capabilities make it one of the best email management systems available.
  • In the modern technology world, every user wants to carry their emails in their pocket, and Gmail is the best option for that purpose. For quick accessibility, users often need to Import EML file to Gmail accounts directly.

How to Import EML to Gmail Free using Desktop Email Client?

This section will describe how to upload EML files to Gmail account using a desktop email client. First, users need to use a desktop email client such as Windows Live Mail to import EML files manually into their Gmail accounts. Follow the below steps-


  1. Open the Windows Live Mail email client and click on the File Tab.
  2. Choose the “Import Messages” option, then choose “Windows Live Mailand click the Next button.
  3. Click on the “Browse” button and locate the EML file path from your computer and click on the Next button.
  4. The import process starts automatically.


Now, you need to configure your Gmail account in Windows Live Mail, and after that, you can move EML files to Gmail account using the drag-and-drop feature.

Exploring the Limitations of Manual EML File to Gmail Migration

  • First Windows Live Mail is an older email client and now they are no longer maintained by Microsoft.
  • Manual steps are a very time-consuming process.
  • There is a chance of data loss during the manual process.

What to Prepare Before Using an Express Professional Solution

Location of EML Files:-

  • Ensure that you have already collected the EML files in a folder and subfolders.

Prepare Gmail App Password:-

Note: Your regular Gmail password will not be validated by the software. You need to create and use a Gmail app password for the software to successfully import EML files to your Gmail account.

How to Import EML File to Gmail Automatically?

Importing EML files to Gmail is a straightforward solution with the help of eSoftTools EML to Gmail Migration Toolkit. The software requires you to locate your EML files (even in batches with multiple folders) and also requires your Gmail credentials.

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The EML to Gmail Converter tool preserves all EML email messages in their original formatting, making them easy to view in Google Workspace after the migration is complete. The software also maintains the originality of email headers, including To, Bcc, Subject, Date, and Time.

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Steps to Transfer EML files to Google Workspace are as follows:

  • Open eSoftTools EML to Gmail Migrator Tool.
esofttools eml to gmail converter
  • Click on the “Select EML Folder” to locate your EML files from your computer.
add eml folders

If you have multiple folders with sub-folders, the software automatically loads all the folders with EML files.

check email preview before import eml to gmail
  • Here you can check the EML files preview by clicking on the EML folders from the left tree hierarchy.
  • Now, click on the “Import EML to Gmail” button from the toolbar.
    • Here you can fill out your Gmail email address and
    • Gmail App Password in the password field

(Software requires Gmail App Password for authentication. Learn how to create App Password in Gmail account.

authenticate gmail login

After filling your Gmail login details, click on the button “Authentication Login” and wait for few seconds.

Once the software validates your Gmail Credentials, it automatically starts the process of converting EML file to a Gmail Account.

import eml file to gmail

Congratulations! Your initial query resolved how to Import an EML file to Gmail account with the help of an express professional solution.

Highlighted Features of Software

  • The software supports Bulk EML file conversion to Gmail account.
  • During import EML files to Gmail and Google Workspace, the software properly maintains emails, attachments, email headers, and properties.
  • A selective EML folder for Gmail conversion is applicable.
  • Email filtration allows users to choose a date-wise email filter and import it into their Gmail account.
  • Gmail validation is done by using a secure Gmail app password.
  • EML to Gmail Converter Software provides a preview of EML files, so don’t forget to check the preview of EML files before migrating them into Gmail.
  • The software is easily operated on Windows 11 and all lower editions of Windows OS.


In the above article, we have successfully explained what EML files are, where they are created, and how various email clients support them. We have also detailed the benefits of why Gmail is a better choice for users to move EML files to Gmail. We have also explained a professional software that helps migrate EML files to Gmail accounts with attachments and other information.

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