Many times, a user has multiple EML files containing the same email data. Due to this, users have to face problems like increasing storage space, difficulty in finding specific emails, and many other problems. Are you also someone who faces such a scenario? If yes, then we want to tell you that you are at the place where you will get the solution. Here we will describe a quick method to remove duplicate emails from EML files.

EML (Electronic Mail) is a type of file used to store email messages locally. An EML file stores an email along with its associated elements. EML files preserve mail messages in plain text and HTML format. Furthermore, it contains the email addresses of the sender and recipient of the email, date, subject, and attachments.

A large number of email applications support this file format for creating email backups and importing new emails. Some of the well-known applications are- Thunderbird, Apple Mail (EMLX), Outlook Express, Roundcube, Horde Webmail, etc.

While saving emails as EML files, in some cases users may face a scenario where they see multiple EML files with the same email data. It becomes difficult for users to manage emails with duplicate EML files. Also, it becomes even more difficult if there are a large number of EML files.

At that time, users need a solution to remove duplicate EML files containing similar emails.

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Users Query

I have been using Windows Live Mail for the last 10 years to send/receive emails. A single email account, I have configured more than 50 times. For this reason, multiple copies of emails are created in my Windows Live Mail profile. In the default storage location of Windows Live Mail, I’ve got EML files that contain all the emails. There are duplicate emails in those EML files and I want to delete them. For me, it is very difficult to delete copied emails manually. Please suggest me an automated and reliable way of doing this.

Best Solution to Remove Duplicate Emails from EML Files

Filtering and removing copied emails from EML files have now become easier with the help of eSoftTools EML Duplicate Remover software. Take the help of this tool to quickly delete unnecessary copies of emails from multiple EML files at once.

It offers a variety of advanced functions which enable users to swiftly erase duplicate EML files. With an automated process and great speed, it completes the duplicate EML email-removing job.

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How to Remove Duplicate EML Files with EML Duplicate Remover tool?

Apply the steps shown below to delete duplicate emails from EML files: –

  • Download and launch eSoftTools EML Duplicate Remover software.
  • Press the Select EML/EMLX Folder button and select a file/folder adding option: –
    • Select EML Folder: – Add a folder containing a sub-folder and EML files.
    • Select EML File: – From a folder add one or more EML files.
  • Add EML files into the software, hit on Next and load selected EML files.
  • View emails from EML files, and choose the required folders containing EML files.
  • Press the Remove Duplicate EML button and apply further settings
  • Select an EML Duplicate removing option-
    • Search and Remove duplicate EML files within the folder
    • Search and Remove duplicate EML files across the select folders
  •  Press the Browse button and select the place where you want to save the resultant files.
  • Choose a naming pattern from the available 10+ naming convention options.
  • Select email filter options for removing specific emails from EML files.
    • Date Filter: – Select dates of emails and remove duplicate emails of a specific date range.
    • From (Sender): – Enter the email address of the “from” field and remove duplicate emails of the selected sender.
    • TO (Recipient): – Input the email address in the “To” field to remove duplicate emails of the specified recipient.
  • Press the Convert button to start removing duplicate emails from EML files and save new EML files to your specified location.

Note: -The software will never make any changes to the EML files of the source folder. It simply generates new EML files and saves them at the saving location specified by the users without creating copies of similar emails.


Keeping your email inbox clean is important for several reasons. One way to do this is to delete the copied emails. By the above-mentioned procedures, users can successfully remove duplicate emails from EML files. Additionally, users can try different methods as per their choice.

The goal is to set up a clutter-free and effective email environment, no matter which approach you choose – built-in email client capabilities, or dedicated software. For hassle-free and best results in removing duplicate emails, users should try eSoftTools EML Duplicate Remover tool. Try this tool at least once and get instant results.

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