How To Fix Corrupt Microsoft Outlook Calendar Entries

Summary:- Microftsoft Outlook’s calendar feature is best method to schedule tasks and setup company meetings. But some times user faces problem of accdential deletion of Outlook calendar entries because of corruption errors in Outlook PST or any other issue. With this blog post, we are going to cover the topic of “How To Fix Corrupt Microsoft Outlook Calendar Entries”.

Every person nowadays knows what is Microsoft Outlook and what kind of features it provides to users. The main function of Outlook is to perform emailing tasks. In addition to sending and receiving emails Outlook also offers to store/syncing contacts items and creating calendar entries. With this function of Outlook users can get the facility to schedule their tasks and important dates. Also, with this function Outlook offers some other advanced features like:-

  • Shedule appointments in simple steps.
  • Create calendars for both organization and personal use.
  • Schedule group events of Organizations
  • Edit or view calendars of another user.
  • Share calendars as attachments in simple clicks.

Including the above-mentioned features, Outlook offers some other benefits to users. But like other mailbox folders, the calendars also have the risk of corruption and data loss. The reasons for the loss of calendar items in Outlook can be PST file corruption, Virus or malware attacks, etc.

As a result of these unwanted Outlook issues, users face the problem of accidental Calendar items deletion. In the next section, some best techniques we have discussed to sort out this problem.

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Method 1:- Recover Deleted Calendars from “Deleted Items” Folder of Outlook

In Outlook, due to a corruption error if you have lost some of your calendars entries our first suggestion is to check your deleted items folders. If you see your calendar items are in your deleted items folder the next step is simply to recover them. To do this simply follow the given steps:-

  • Start the Outlook application and move to the “Deleted Items” folder.
  • Now select the items that you want to recover right-click on it and select Move> Other folder
  • Select the desired path to recover & save the calendars to this location.

This method only works if the user has fixed the Outlook corruption error and has the access to open the calendar items folder in Outlook. If you are unable to open the calendar items folder recover deleted items then try to fix corruption errors using the method mentioned below.

Method 2:- Use Inbox Repair Tool to fix Corrupt Calendar Entries in Outlook

All user mailbox items and important data Outlook stores in PST file like- emails, contacts, calendars, etc. But if a corruption error enters in this file Outlook stops working and users are unable to access their important data. And also some users try to fix Corrupt Microsoft Outlook Calendar Entries but never get the best results. Because they have no exact knowledge for doing this task. By applying the given steps simply fix the Outlook data file corruption problem and recover calendar items easily using Inbox Reapir Tool (ScanPST.exe):-

  • Launch the ScanPST.exe (Inbox Repair Tool) of Outlook from its location.
  • Now browse the PST file location and select the corrupt PST file.
  • Click on Start and begin the scanning process.
  • After this, click on Repair button

Now again try to open the outlook calendar folder and check calendar items.

Method 3:- Automated Solution to Recover Calendar items from PST files

If you have some calendar items on deleted items folders in a corrupt PST file or facing a problem of accidental calendar items deletion because of Outlook corruption then you must try the method to fix this error. If the scanPST.exe (Inbox Repair Tool) is unable to fix this problem, then you have to try another method.

The best method to fix all corruption errors from the Outlook PST file is using a tool like eSoftTools Outlook Recovery Tool. This is an amazing solution that not only fixes the corruption errors but also allows to perform recovery of all emails, contacts, and calendars, items from corrupt PST in simple steps. Also, users can perform folder-wise recovery from Outlook PST, and after that users can save the recovered calendar items to file types like- PST, ICS, and many more. To know more about the software download its free demo version now.



In this blog post, we have described the methods to fix Corrupt Microsoft Outlook Calendar Entries. The calendar items folder is similar to the mailbox folder of Outlook. In this folder, the user saves their important events using Outlook. But when corruption errors enter in Outlook PST user faces an accidental deletion problem of Outlook items. To handle this situation users can use the methods mentioned above.

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