How to Fix “Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Not Responding” Error?

Summary:- Are you a user that uses who facing “Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Not Responding” while repair PST files with scanPST.exe tool and want a free solution to resolve this problem easily. Then this blog is for you. Here we will discuss the method to resolve the problems with ScanPST.exe tool and also talk about the best alternative to this utility.

If you are a person that uses an Outlook email client to send/receive emails, you may also have seen various faces errors in Outlook PST files. To resolve these unwanted errors from PST files Outlook offers an inbuilt free utility known as ScanPST.exe. The other name of this utility is the Inbox repair tool. Most users use this free utility to fix minor corruption problems from small Outlook data files (PST/OST) files with a size limit of 2GB.

But, sometimes this ScanPST.exe (Inbox Repair Repair) tool took a long time to respond and show a message like-“Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Not Responding” Error. The meaning of this error is to the tool is working too hard to hard to repair PST files but unable to fix problems. There can be many reasons behind this problem with ScanPST.exe.

Reasons behind the error “Inbox Repair Tool Not Responding”

ScanPST.exe/Inbox Reapir tool stop to respond in various cases some of them are:-

  • Oversized Outlook Data file:- In the lower version of Outlook Inbox repair tool there is a file size limitation of 2GB. If you a user tries to fix large sized PST file, they wil face problem. And sometimes Inbox repair freezes and stop to working repair corrupt file.
  • Unable to Repair highly corrupted PST files:- Outlook has provided this free utility to fix minor corruption errors from Outlook data file. But if a user use it repair any highle corrupt PST file it may fails to scan or repair PST file.
  • Malvare or Virus Infection:- There may chances that scanPST.exe showing problem while repairing PST files beacuse of Virus infection in your computer.
  • Problem in Hard Drive:- Bad sectors or storage problem in your compiter’s Hard drive another one reason that slows the repairing process of PST file with inbox repair tool.

These are some of the reasons why users are getting “Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Not Responding” Error with scanPST.exe tool. Now let’s check out the steps to easily solve this error.

How to Fix Inbox Repair Tool Not Responding Issue

Follow the given methods to securely resolve the not responding problem of the Inbox Repair Tool:-

Note:- If you are unable to use Inbox repair tool and want another solution to repair your PST files then you can also use any third party software like- PST Recovery Tool.

Solution 1:- Check the PST File Size

Go to the PST file location and look at the size of the PST file. To check the file size, right-click on the PST file and select ‘Properties.’ Inbox Repair Tool will not work if the PST file is larger than 2 GB. It will cease responding and crash if you try. To repair a large-sized PST you’ll require a dependable tool.

Solution 2:- Close MS Outlook and any other opened programmes.

Close all running programs, especially those that using your PST file, like- MS Outlook, to avoid the Inbox Repair Tool freezing. Then, to repair the Outlook data file, launch the Inbox Repair Tool. After closing any open apps, you to use the ScanPST tool without difficulty.

Best Alternative to Inbox Repair Tool to Repair PST files

If the inbox repair tool in Outlook isn’t working, you can use a third-party PST recovery application to restore your data from corrupt PST files. eSoftTools Outlook Recovery Tool is an excellent tool for dealing with all PST-related issues.

Users can use this third-party tool to restore PST files in any state- – extremely corrupted, damaged, inaccessible, or oversized PST files. It easily handles big Outlook PST files and restores its inner elements in a couple of moments. Mail filtering, Preview feature, and a variety of conversion options these features are all added to this application, which makes it a convenient and best repair tool.


Steps to Repair PST file with Outlook Recovery Tool

  • Launch PST Recovery Tool on a windows computer.
  • Add corrupt or inaccessible PST file in the Software.
  • Start the scanning process to repair corription errors and load mailbox folder and items.
  • Choose required folder from preview panel press the save PST button from the menu bar.
  • Now choose any one from the provided multiple conversion options(Choose “Export to PST” option to Convert corrupt PST to a New healthy Outlook PST file).
  • Select file saving location to save resulted file and click on Convert to start the conversion task easily.


Through this blog post, we have provided the steps to fix “Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Not Responding”. If the user can’t still repair the PST files getting errors and problems using scanPST.exe, they must use a professional and effective PST Repair program like:- eSoftTools Outook Recovery Tool. Get a free demo version of this software:-


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