How to Download Gmail Emails with All Folders or Labels?


Occasionally, most users want to export Gmail emails to their computers as a backup. There are several reasons to download Gmail emails, and backup is always helpful in these situations: to remove spam emails, data security, fraudulent usage of Gmail accounts, and sometimes for migration purposes. In this blog, we will discuss how to download Gmail emails with all folders or labels. This blog becomes more helpful for those who think about downloading Gmail emails to their local computers but do not know how to do this. Keep reading the blog till the end, and you will learn how you can do this yourself using Gmail and automated software.

The process of downloading Gmail emails can be done through a manual procedure, but this will be useful for fewer emails downloading from the Gmail account. The manual process will take a lot of effort and time to execute. But if you have more than one Gmail account and each account has thousands or millions of email messages, then the manual procedure is not a good choice for downloading. To handle this situation and successfully download unlimited Gmail account email messages, I recommend an expert software called eSoftTools Gmail Backup Software. You will learn every single step in the blog below, so keep reading till the end.

Users Queries

Query 1.   I am thinking about deleting My Gmail Account because my Gmail Account is getting continuous spam messages, but before deleting the Gmail Account, I need to download some of the email records and conversations stored in my Gmail Account to keep them safe and protected on my computer in MS Outlook. Does anyone know how to download them in PST file format? Looking for a solution?
Query 2. My Gmail account storage is almost full, and Gmail Warning started to upgrade to a paid version of Gmail, but I don’t want to go with that. So I decided to create another Gmail account, but I do not want to lose my Gmail emails from my current Gmail account. So I want to download my emails from my Gmail account to my computer for future use. How do I download Gmail emails? Your suggestions and help put me on the right path. Please suggest me.

What is Gmail?

Google offers a free email service called Gmail, and Gmail is available for all people worldwide to use for their emailing purposes. Gmail has almost similar functions as compared to any other email service provider because it allows you to send and receive emails, block spam, build an address book, and conduct other standard email functions. However, it also offers a few other special characteristics that contribute to its popularity as one of the leading online email providers.

Gmail includes various features, some of which are as follows:

  • Send and receive emails
  • Protect from spam email
  • Create your own contact list through the Google Contact feature.
  • Provide 15-GB mail storage to every single user account.
  • Email searching capability to seek particular messages
  • Automatically organizing related messages into a conversational thread
  • Widely uses Gmail through computer, mobile, and tablet.
  • An expanded emoji bar
  • The capacity to move between multiple accounts

What are Gmail Labels?

Gmail labels are similar to folders that are used to categorize your emails. The user can apply several labels to a single email message and easily manage their emails. To access emails in the future, find them easily by clicking any of their labels. Gmail organizes all the labels on the left panel of the interface.

How to download Gmail emails with all folders or labels?

Every user’s Gmail account has lots of important emails, and these emails can be related to banking emails, personal emails, or business-related emails, and everyone wants to keep them safe and secure. To protect these emails, everyone takes different steps, like moving emails from Gmail to any other cloud platform like Office365, IMAP accounts, or One Drive, and some people make backups on their computer’s hard drive. Here, I suggest a few methods to keep your Gmail emails safe from any fraudulent activity and unauthorized access and use.

  1. A Manual Approach to Downloading Gmail emails.
  2. Use expert and fully automated software to perform the backup from Gmail account.

1. A manual Approach to Downloading Gmail emails.

In order to achieve the Gmail email backup task through a manual method, it is successful if you have one or two Gmail accounts with a limited number of emails because the manual method involves multiple advanced steps to execute. The manual method is useful for technically sound users who have enough knowledge about how Gmail works. Through the manual procedure, there is a high risk of emails being missed and data being lost. So if you have more than one Gmail account with lots of email messages, then I recommend not using the manual method and going with the best Gmail backup software.

2. Use an expert and fully automated software to perform the backup from Gmail account.

eSoftTools Gmail Backup Software is the best solution for you, as these tools are recommended by lots of Gmail users and experts in the industry. eSoftTools Gmail backup software is used by more than 1 million users worldwide.

The Gmail backup tool is widely used to export emails from a Gmail account to the computer’s hard drive and store them locally. Users can Backup Gmail emails to PST, MSG, MBOX, PDF, EML, EMLX, MBOX, Thunderbird, and many other file formats. The software for Gmail backup provides some other features, such as:

  • Download any specific Gmail label or folder backup.
  • Download the entire list of Gmail labels or folders as a backup.
  • Option to filter emails from Gmail labels or folders and download to a computer
  • Naming convention features for downloading emails in EML, EMLX, HTML, MHT, and MSG files

This software supports every edition of Windows operating system including Windows 11, Win 10, Win8.1, Win8, Win7, and all lower versions.

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Screenshot of eSoftTools Gmail Backup software.

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The Steps for Downloading Gmail Emails

  • Download and install eSoftTools Gmail Backup Software
  • Open the software on the Computer
  • Provide your Gmail account credentials like your email address and the App Password for Gmail account.
    • Google expanded the security of Gmail, Gmail password is no longer validated for third-party software, you need to create an App password from Gmail for third-party Software. Read how to create an app password for Gmail described below.
  • Click on the Login button
  • Take a Mail folder preview from the left side, you can select All Mail folders or labels or a specific Mail folder for downloading emails from.
  • Click on the Save Backup button
  • Choose the exporting option from the PST, MSG, EML, HTML, MHTML, EMLX, MBOX, PDF, Thunderbird, etc.
  • Define the location for saving the file
  • Click on Save Backup to complete the process.

How to Create an App Password for Gmail?

Create a Gmail app password by following these Two steps:-

  1. Enable the 2-step verification
  2. Create the App Password

Enable the 2-step verification

  • Open Gmail and log in to your account.
  • Tap on the profile icon and then press the “Manage Your Google Account” option.
  • Tap on the Security button to proceed ahead 
  • Enable the 2-Step Verification
  • Tap on the Get Started 
  • Input the phone no and select the either “Text Message” or “Phone Call” option.
  • Tap on the send button, Enter the OTP sent by Google, and Click on Next.
  • Click on the “Turn On” to successfully open the 2-step verification.

Create the App Password

  • 1. Tap on “Manage Your Google Account”
  • 2. Search the App password from the search bar
  • 3. Open the App password option by clicking on it
  • 4. Click on “Select App” and select the other(Custom Name)
  • 5. Type any name you want. for example eSoftTools, Tap on the Generate button.
  • 6. Get your new App Password for third-party apps, copy the generated password, and click on “Done”.


In this blog, I have described the best method to download Gmail emails with All folders and labels with the assistance of eSoftTools Gmail Email Backup Software, Although this task can be executed by the Manual method that is in Gmail itself. However, due to the time-consumption and long process drawback of the Manual method, users explore the tool for completing the task successfully. I have also described how to create an App password for Gmail in line-by-line steps that is (Required in the Backup tool for authentication)

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