How to Export Emails from Webmail to Computer Hard Drive?


In today’s era, almost every organization and company bases their business on emails and uses multiple hosting providers’ email addresses. To ensure the safety of emails, everyone needs to make backups of their webmail emails to a local computer, but the problem is, how do we download emails from webmail to a local computer? The backup of emails is a mandatory task for everyone because, in this modern technology world, unethical hackers are actively misusing highly confidential data for their small benefits and malicious work. In this blog, we are going to learn how to export emails from Webmail to a computer hard drive in a safe way. To know the steps for downloading webmail emails to a computer, keep reading the blog till the end and get the easiest solution.

Users Queries

Users Query 1. I want to export the emails from webmail to a Computer hard drive as a backup in order to archive and increase the data safety, but I am unable to export webmail emails to my Computer hard disk because of lack of knowledge. Now, I am searching for a solution to this question. Do any of you know the solution to this issue?
Users Query 2.  I have 3 active domains and 12 email accounts. My 3 email accounts are mostly used, and the mailbox size is going to get bigger. That’s why I am looking for a way to download my 3-email accounts emails to my computer’s hard drive for future use. I read lots of articles and found that I needed to use webmail backup software. But I do not know which one is good and safe. Can you please assist me with this?

All hosting providers offer webmail to access emails, and every email client supports handling webmail access. Webmail email accounts have certain default folders like the Inbox, Sent folder, Draft folder, and Deleted Items folder to store and manage email messages. Creating backups of these folders is necessary for everyone if they want to create an archive file on their personal computer. Take a look below to learn the steps for exporting emails from webmail accounts.

Why need to download emails from webmail to a computer hard drive?

There are several reasons available that would be responsible for taking steps to create a backup of webmail emails to a computer hard drive. A few of the possible reasons are listed below:

  • Security concern: If an account is hacked, or if there’s a virus attack.
  • Data Restoration: If there’s unintentional file deletion or file corruption
  • Offline Access Emails: To access emails without the internet
  • Data Archiving: Backups help archiving the mailbox data for any future use.
  • Data Safety: Avoiding loss of confidential data.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Creating a backup of email messages is always a safe business.

How to Export Emails from Webmail to Computer Hard Drive?

Webmail includes various folders like Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Drafts, etc for storing email messages. Downloading the webmail email to hard drive or computer is always better for users in case of accessing emails offline or shifting to a different hosting provider.

If you are looking for the best and most trustworthy solution, and want the exporting process done quickly and safely, you should go for Webmail Backup Software which was developed by eSoftTools Software, the best and finest way to save emails from webmail folders like Inbox, Sent, Outbox, Drafts to PC hard drive.

There are multiple options for Saving the emails from Webmail folders to a computer hard drive. Users can choose the desired file format to store the emails of webmail for backup:-

  1. Save in PST – Save single or multiple folders of Webmail to Outlook PST file.
  2. Save in MSG – Save webmail emails to MSG file.
  3. Save in EML – Save webmail email messages to an EML file.
  4. Save in HTML – Save webmail email to HTML (All browser-supported files) file.
  5. Save in MHTML – Download webmail to MHTML file
  6. Save in EMLX (Apple MAC OSX files) – Download webmail emails to EMLX file MAC OSX-based email clients.
  7. Save in MBOX (Folder-wise MBOX file) – Download webmail folders into separate MBOX files.
  8. Save in MBOX (Single MBOX file) – Download entire webmail folders into a single MBOX file.
  9. Save in PDF – Download and publish webmail emails to PDF documents.
  10. Save in Thunderbird – Direct download webmail emails to Thunderbird email client.

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Steps for backing up the emails from Webmail

Exporting webmail emails to computer storage drives is always good for creating archive files, use offline, data collection, safety, and many other factors involved. All these, we get through an automated eSoftTools Webmail Backup Software. To use this software follow the given steps one-by-one.

  • Download eSoftTools WebMail Backup Software from
  • Install it and open the software.
  • Provide login credentials (email ID and password) for any webmail account.
  • Provide the Host Name and the Port No.
  • Click on the Login button to connect the software to your webmail account.
  • Choose the folder checkboxes for backup
  • Choose the export options (PST, EML, EMLX, HTML, MSG, MHTML, MBOX, PDF, and Thunderbird) from the right side of the software.
  • Provide the location for saving the file on the local computer.
  • Apply an email filter if you want.
  • Click on Save Backup to complete the process.

Some of the best features of eSoftTools Webmail Backup Software

Webmail Email Backup Software is the best software for downloading emails from webmail applications including Roundcube, Horde Mail, and Squirrelmail. This Software is the best and most trustworthy Software for saving or downloading emails from the webMail folder. This Software also offers advanced and smart features and functionalities to users.

  • Convert the emails from webmail applications consisting- of Roundcube, Horde Mail, and SquirrelMail.
  • Export into multiple files formats including HTML, MBOX, Thunderbird, EML, EMLX, MSG, Mbox, PDF, etc.  
  • Download the emails from all folders or specific folders of Webmail applications.
  • The Tool has a very easy-to-understand Graphical User Interface (GUI), which can be easily used by anyone.
  • Filter the emails for exporting into the desired file format by setting the dates for example(From to To)
  • The Tool requires email I’d and the Password, Port, and Host to download the emails from webmail folders.
  • The tool supports both lower as well as higher editions of Windows O/S (up to Windows 11)
  • Maintain the structure of the hierarchy of folders or sub-folders afterward of the exporting process.

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There is a requirement to save emails from webmail applications including Roundcube, Horde Mail, and SquirrelMail to a local computer, In this blog, we have seen the easy solution on how to export emails from webmail to a computer hard drive with the aid of Software- WebMail Backup Software. The line-by-line explanation of steps for backing up the emails from webmail to computer.

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