Want download or extract attachments from emails and other items of Outlook PST files? Then get the smart solution through this article. Know the best answer for your query “How to Extract All Attachments from Outlook PST files?”.

A large number of users daily send and receive their important emails with MS Outlook application. While transferring emails, users also get an additional option of adding attachments to their emails. 

Attachments are the external files that users attach to their emails and other items. Users can easily input all types of files inside emails as an attachment including- doc, txt, xlsx, and more.

Sharing emails with attachments helps users in transferring different types of files through an easy process. 

Not only with emails but also users can add attachments to contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and other items with Outlook. A copy of each email and other items with their attachments, Outlook automatically saves inside PST files on the user’s local drive.

Preserving Outlook attachments inside PST files is helpful, but on other hand, there are several more difficulties that users may face with Outlook attachments. 

As a result, many users prefer to extract attachments from PST files and recommend saving them separately.

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Benefits of Extracting attachments from PST files

  • Save Outlook Attachments Separately:- Extract attachments from Outlook items and save them as separate files
  • Reducing PST file size:- By downloading attachments from PST files, users will become free to remove attachments from PST files to reduce their file size.
  • Access attachments without opening outlook:- Directly accessing attachments files will become easier for users when they extract attachments from PST files.

These are some of the major benefits of PST Attachments Extraction. Now check the best solution to perform this job in an easy manner.

Extract All Attachments from Outlook PST files- Smartest Solution

The process of manually extracting attachments from Outlook PST files is time taking process. The user will have to open their Outlook items one by one for attachments extraction or saving.

After seeing this problem, we have recommended the automated solution to this job called eSoftTools Outlook Attachments Extractor Software. This will help you extract attachments from all Outlook items including- email, contacts, calendar, etc. At one time, it can export attachments from multiple PST files.

For making the attachments extraction job much faster and easy, the software will provide several advanced features to its users.


How to Extract Attachments from Outlook PST files?

  • First, download & install eSoftTools Outlook Attachment Extractor on your PC.
  • Open the software and press Select PST Button from the first screen.
  • Choose single files or bulk file selection mode and hit the Next button.
  • Select & Import PST files in the software, and press Start Scanning button.
  • Load all Outlook folders and items from selected PST files in the preview panel.
  • Choose needed folders from Outlook PST files & press the Extract Attachments button.
  • From the next opened screen, apply other needed settings by applying some required options:- 
    • Attachment Extraction option:- Select the options to preserve extracted attachments folder-wise or message-wise.
    • Filtering Attachment:- Extract specific attachments by selecting extensions from a predefined list or adding file extensions manually.
    • Mail Filtering by Date:- Extract attachments from emails of only selected dates.
    • Saving Location:- Choose a location from your drive to save all extracted Outlook attachments.
  • Finally, press the Save button to extract all attachments from Outlook PST files.

Features of Outlook Attachments Extractor Software

  • Extract attachments from all Outlook data file easily (PST/OST/NST)
  • Download Attachments of Outlook emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc.
  • Save/Extract attachments of encrypted/corrupt/inaccessible PST files.
  • Preview all Outlook items from PST files before the attachment’s extraction.
  • Extract attachments from items of the selective folder from PST files.
  • The software supports extracting from single or multiple PST files in a single process.
  • Supports extracting specific attachments by filtering file extensions from a predefined list or inputting them manually.
  • The mail filter function is available to select emails of specific dates for attachments extraction.
  • Save all extracted attachments to users’ defined storage location.
  • Both Unicode and ANSI format of all Outlook editions are working in this software 
  • Executable on all Windows Operating systems editions including- win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc.


At the present time, there is a huge number of users, who needs to extract attachments of Outlook items from PST files. Manually doing this job, may take a lot of time. As a result, we have recommended the best solution for this job through this article. In bulk users now can extract attachments from PST files with the automated Outlook Attachments Extractor. Check more functions by using software’s demo edition now.


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